It was getting dark | 25-02-18 #4

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Hi Steemian. I just share photo collections. If you are happy to see this photo, please Upvote, Resteem & Comment in this post, I will be very happy.

(Note: Not My Own Photos, just share what I think is great)

Happy posting, create, and earn money!

Warm Regards & Thank You

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Why did you stop sharing photos the last 3 days?

As always, I will share my earnings with all upvote in my post, exactly 70% of your upvote value (after curation), but before I am sorry, I can not appreciate you that the upvote value is less than 0.01 $.

In the last 7 days you made transfers to 468 accounts. 423 of those accounts belong to a known group of scammers.

Not only does this type of program encourage post, vote, and memo spam you are enabling this known group of scammers. Accounts linked to this group or giving funds to this group are being blacklisted by @spaminator to discourage their continued spam, general abuse and drain of the reward pool.

While you may genuinely want to share the rewards with your followers this isn't the way to do it. Please stop.


Thank you for this notice. i will stop this

Красивый закат.Мне понравилось!!!

Я новечек .Я плохие вас поддерживаю,и следую за вами.НЕ оброщайте на плохие коментарии.Спасибо!!!

Извените за плохой перевод.

again beautiful picture ...i have resteemed a few of your pics :)