🐶Where were you last night?

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Tearing open a packet of Bosco’s favourite snack, I pour a generous amount into a container. His furry brown body pounces towards the bowl, devouring the contents and licking it clean. I smile as I notice Bosco’s tail wagging joyfully, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he takes quick, shallow breaths. My heart begins to flutter, the warm feeling of nostalgia rushes through my body.

Once a small little creature, maybe half the current size by just as playful. I remember Bosco wimping uncomfortably on the black, scorching tar, his back pay contorted into a strange position. He would groan softly as I knelt down, stroking his fur hopelessly. His retaliation was defensive but weak.

In Your kindness
You lead me home
In Your presence
Where I belong
You called me out
Lifted me up
How great is Your love
~ Passion Conferences

I lifted him up into my arms and carried him home. At first, Bosco wouldn’t look at me, but I consistently fed him. It didn't matter if he didn't seem to like me. I still brushed his fur daily and religiously cleaned his teeth for him. An unconditional love overflowed from my body, permeating through my actions and care towards him. When Bosco took notice of me, I responded with nurture.

But that begs the question.


Just where were you last night?

Images sourced from Pixabay


Two stray dogs in Afghanistan saved 50 American soliders. A Facebook group raised $21,000 to bring the dogs back to the US and reunite them with the soldiers.

That's a wonderful and SUPER inspirational story :) :D Is Steemit next??

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