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Well, i am a newby on Steemit, a week and a half tops. Like most of us, i think, i discovered from an article thru Facebook ad. Can i get paid for browsing and generate content or posting things i do on facebook for free anyways??? Could it be possible? i thought to myself as i read thru the post. I can't remember right now which one was, but i said, let's give it a try, i have nothing to lose.

I have like zero knowledge about cryptocurrency and trading and all the stuff the most popular guys talk here on all the trending articles, so baby steps.

So i decided to register and give it a try, the first thing i noticed on is the simple and dull interface we got to deal with, i mean no bad and i know it is on beta test, but sometimes is boring browsing thru articles and finding stuff. I'm pretty sure most experienced users got the hang of it, but i am still learning and the visuals does not do much for me.

Then surfing on various posts i liked, i just discovered that first Steemit is glitching and getting some troubles and stuff, and second, that is not the only website we can use to access to the content, and i got on, and damn, instant love, it is easier to use, well organized, easy to navigate, the options are at hand.

I love it, and supposedly is also secure.

This is my first impression so far, just been here for less than an hour, so i'll keep posting my findings.


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@chuckmachinery Welcome to STEEMIT. You will love it if you enjoy creating content and commenting on others content that you like.


Thanks man, i am already doing that on other social plataforms, so why dont do it here where you can get something back. How to see you more often on my posts. Cheers

Well thank u this post gonna help me


No problem, i am still figuring out all this thing