When we don't have the energy

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There are times when we don't feel like working, when we feel things never seem to change anyways. This is pretty connected to the not having the right mindset of course, but it might not seem like it is sometimes.

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I've had conversations with people who over and over have told me, that they don't see a reason why to try so hard, they feel like life is designed to work against them anyways. I ask you: Do you think that having that mindset is going to help you in any way? Believe me, if you feel like you lost before you tried, then you already have.

That is a big lesson I learned many years ago, and I keep on repeating it every chance I find someone who is allowing his negativism to take over. Sometimes they don't admit they are being negative, or pessimists, they say "I just don't have the energy", and somehow justify it with that.

There has been nothing good that has been achieved with no effort. And the difference between those who have the energy and those who don't is just an attitude, it's not magical powers. As I've said before, along my journey I've worked 16,17 hour days; Do you think I had the energy?

Holding on to the long term vision of our plans gives you the energy. Yes we might be tired today, we might not want to keep on going, but what about tomorrow? What about a week from now? Does the goal not give us the extra boost week to keep on going, and if it doesn't, then is the goal you say you want really your goal, or just an idea.

Believe me when I tell you, if you don't know what you want out of life, you will never achieve much. It's really that simple, I knew from an early age I wanted to be independent, I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, and as you know I faced many challenges that would make anyone doubt, but I kept on going nonetheless.

Not having the energy was never a good excuse.


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Dear sir!
After several hours of hard working our physical energy expenditure, this can not be a point of View an optimistic person . If there is an obsession with doing something in us, then the expenditure of physical energy can not block our path.Every person has the energy of two ways: physical energy and mental energy.If physical energy is about ti die,then mental energy inspires to accomplish that task.I would like to give examples of myself.After working on the steemit till all day and late nights, there is also a time when I feel the need to relax.Meanwhile an article comes from @chbartist sir and @d-pend sir.My energy is collected automatically and I read the article with full enthusiasm.
None other reason but I love boths article very much. I attached with them passionately.
The only thing to say is that if you have the desire to do something, then the energy expenditure does not block your path.

Friend I would like to say and without intending to lower someone here you always get the best comments sharply. This should inspire others and I am happy to be able to contribute as you always express in your words. Regards

I like to say I just keep showing up until they lock the door and my key no longer works....

I find as I get older....life is all the more challenging....I'm at an age where people I know of have already been able to slow down or are close to the "magic" retirement cycle....unfortunately...my choices and life realities haven't provided such possibilities....I am working harder than ever....also self employed...with frankly less mental focus to keep up with the world's current pace....scary? Yes....depressing at times? Yes....Add to that some recent health issues and one can feel very vunerable and fearful....but....but....but...

I find the little moments each day that defines life as I know it...perhaps checking in with Steemit to find a heartfelt sharing...perhaps my purring kitten who greets me each early morning....perhaps the hug from one of my adult children...perhaps a rare "thank you" from a client....perhaps the excited yell of "grampy" from one of my grandchildren....

I've realized over time that I never could have written the chapters of my life's story....there were times I never thought I would get through....other times I wish would never end....its a mix....try not to get too high on the highs or too low on the lows....steady as she goes..."keep it simple' and not over think...experience the moment....they all come and go...

Many thanks for your comment because it is not simply a comment is almost a poetry. Regards

A couple of times I feel I don't have the energy and time to do certain things. Even on Steemit, there are many times I look at an amazing but think it's very long and I wouldn't have the energy to read through. It has been my weakness for a long time. I think I need to start working on this. Thanks for citing this out!

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Thanks again my friend

It’s true that one should have a goal and work towards achieving it.
At the same time have to live and enjoy the present moments.
We all feel tired and lack energy at times but these lag periods should be kept to minimum.
Its the balance I suppose.
Excellent article my friend

Thank you friend for your time!

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Exactly friend!

This is certainly true when a job is something we define as something we do to make money in order to live. However, if it becomes something we are passionate about and enjoy doing then we feed on the task for energy. That is why I have enjoyed the Steem ecosystem so much as engaging has given me energy to aspire for much more than just a job!

Entrepreneurship will always be better than any job! Regards

Hello @chbartist, Energy comes automatic when we set goals. It appear when we set targets. there should be an aim in life, without aim life is meaningless. We can achieve anything with hardwork. Only making excuses isn't a solution. We need to take strong decisions.
Thinking that we don't have ability, isn't right. We need to change our minds. We need to recognize ourself. I have seen a lot of people who are living life without any aim in life. Believe me there is no life without aim, I'm repeating it again.
Thanks @chbartist for your kind words,
Have a good day from @coolguy222

Exactly friend! Good words and thank you for your comment!

The more I read from you, the more I enjoy it. I agree with you on this, I tell my kids "Never underestimate the power of a positive mind." I try to encourage them with my actions as well, and always work hard towards any goals I have, despite any setbacks.

Thank you so much, dear, for your kind words.

That's true, in my country with the current situation you see a lot of these cases, I have friends who sometimes feel tired, defeated but good words of support always help to continue. People have to set their goals and fight for them.
Cheers o/

Thank you friend for your words and time!

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Good! Thank you friend!

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En todas las actividades que emprendemos, la actitud más importante que debemos asumir es el compromiso. Porque aun dentro de las labores que nos correspondan realizar siempre habrá alguna pequeña actividad que no nos guste hacer y es el compromiso el que nos impulsará a realizarlo de la mejor manera. Saludos.. #conoceme

Exato @yahe - Saludos

We should have a good mindset because it is so powerful that it attracts everything in this planet...Positive thinking attracts positive behavior that results to achievement...so as negative thinking attracts negative ones also that results to failure.


In everyday life all people have good in bad times is the normal thing is to know how to take things in the best possible way, in the case of work in good times it is important to get the most out of it by the time the At times when things get difficult to overcome, in conclusion in my perspective you have to know or try to at least carry both the good times as bad as possible, greetings.

Good words, as you say you got people with negative thoughts, we are clear that in life we ​​will always have ups and downs. But we always have to try to be positive in order to achieve the best.

School is an example, the child who studies and strives will get better grades. The one who strives will always have more.

I don't seem to agree with your example.

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Hello, thank you for commenting but I agree with the first part, since the part of the school I can not agree because the education system in the world is an outdated system and should be reviewed. The school does not guarantee the success of 99.99% of the people, just look around and you can see that. It's better than nothing? Yes, but not enough.

Absolutely, plus it's even very easy to cheat and have the best grades nowadays.

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You are right. Sir, our negative tension prevents us from moving forward. I agree with you completely,Sir, for whatever you are working for the community, you are deserving of congratulations, we must all work together in the same way for the community.

Yes, work together. I'm trying this everyday with all. Thx

Thanks for those words, it is good to find people who help personal growth.
People need to fight to achieve success. :)

Thx @mavi89

Hello friend, I hope everythings ok , in my personal experience, you are right, there are days that one does not feel the desire to continue but after a few minutes o thinking, if I do not do who will do it for me?

Nobody will do for you and that is why we have to fight against that feeling. Especially mentally!

As you said we should set goals in our life. To being positive, if you work what you like then automatically you will put 200% in that but you work because there is no other way then there is no cure

Exactly @summit1998

Great article @chbartist it always happen with me.

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Need to be a special person..
Doing own stuff
Don't waste time

Hi @chbartist It is good to start the day and get this wonderful writing. Give strength to continue and get what you want. Have a great day

Thank you!

I think setting a goal and then working constructively on it is like walking on the right path.

Good article!!

sir, I am new on this platform. but I read all your blogs which inspires me a lot in my daily life problems. @chbartist

Thank you friend.

Not having the energy means either you're tired, exhausted, boring or sick. Just need to pick one and heal yourself :)

Love your thoughts there. I think having one lazy day is very effective to have energy again at work. Or you can have one thing you wanted to do so much on that day. That can make you who you are. You only live once do the things what you love

Totally agree with you on this. Great post!

Hurricane Florida Michel in USA 2018..

i like it.

Your posts drain me off my energy, the sadness all these people upvoted your shitty platitudes for the curation

Buenísimo, muchas gracias

A great mentor of mine said that life doesn't give you what you want until it's convinced that you're serious. When you're pursuing a goal and it feels like life is conspiring against you, it's really just testing you to make sure you're truly committed. That's when you need to reconnect with the fire that drove you to pursue that goal in the first place, and that, as you pointed out, will renew your energy.

Yes Sir, I think that you have a lot of energy then you used to work for 16 to 17 hours.

Everyone has their own advantages, and everyone has energy according to their needs.

los perdedores buscan excusas......en esta vidaopino q hay q caer y levantarse y los que se han caido saben lo sabroso q es levantarse

Like a friend asked, and i still want to ask. Some of us just wanted financial freedom and we dont just know how to achieve that, how do we search ourselves to discover our depressed talents and start working on them?

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" the goal you say you want really your goal, or just an idea."
This is a concept misunderstood sometimes, can you throw more light on the difference

Sir, you have made a very good post. People want to fill ahead for their welfare

you're awesome man! it always happen to all of us. it's normal. the bills keeping us work hard :D

really true! our work s the presentation of our capabilities.

we have to try hard to fight those demons in our heads otherwise if we always succumb to the negativity, it becomes a way of life.

Well said @chbartist , I admit there's come in the point of my life that I don't have the energy to continue to live, with all the struggles that I encounter one after one it make me think that way. After reading your article, it motivates me to continue, although some of my friends are very supportive and never cease to give advises to me. It always feel warm within me every time I hear, read and listen words of encouragement, besides there's always a rainbow after the rain. Thank you.

I'll try to carry on even if I feel like I have no energy. Thanks for the push

  ·  last year (edited)

Es cierto que a veces nos podemos encontrar sin fuerzas, o que vemos y notamos que por mucho que nos esforzamos no vemos resultados. Lo cierto es que si no nos rendimos y seguimos creyendo, veremos grandes resultados. Sólo hay que tener "FE, PACIENCIA Y PERSEVERANCIA".

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Philosophically, if you have a dream, and if for that dream you are willing to risk yourself, then you are an entrepreneur. It is a myth, that to be an entrepreneur you will have to compromise on family, friends, etc. It is also a myth, that you will have to work more than anyone else to make your dream come true.

Also, if you look it from another perspective, working for someone else can also help you achieve your dreams and success. Here, you also have a choice of being an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is someone who acts like an entrepreneur within a company set-up. They are also visionaries who would like to contribute in their own manner and take their companies to greater heights. I have experienced this road as well.

From what I have experienced, both as an employee and entrepreneur (recently), if you love the things and are passionate about relationships,you will always find a way to invest time and money to make them work.

Really in my opinion as we are energy beings, it is vital to nourish our body positively with good vibes, it is essential to be positive and programmed to see always the best of everything.
It is easy for pessimism to reach our lives so every day we must feed the best of our feelings, live together and share with the most optimistic and eager to continue on this trip.. Happy afternoon to all

If you don't know what you want out of life, you will never achieve much - this is very true!
Thanks for sharing.

I agree with this! Thanks for sharing your positivity. Let's all practice ourselves to be more productive each day!

considero normal que aveces nosotros no tengamos energía... o mejor decir sentir que no se tiene la energía, realmente nosotros debe trabajar en lo que nos apasiona, pues en mi trabajo anterior yo sentía eso a cada momento pues no era un trabajo que me apasionaba... y cuando hago cosas que me apasionan puedo pasar horas y horas trabajando aveces me olvido de dormir... como dijo un amigo "el mejor energizante para el cuerpo es la mente".

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Thank you for this post sir. I just started following you and I'm loving your thoughts. I too have a dream of being an entrepreneur. My problem is, the goal is not clear since I haven't quite decided what business exactly I want to do. This greatly results in poor motivation.

oday I feel very discouraged in my work and without energy because I feel that life is going away and my work is not what it was when I started that I had many animos, but I try to invent things to do to cheer me up

Great words!

Awesome words

GIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. Good read! Thank you :)

This is so true @chbartist! I've met so many people who do not strive enough to do their best... They don't have the passion to put their heart and mind into what they do because their mindset is not to contribute but only to get something or "get paid"... Not only do i find it "negative" but also a very selfish mindset. And most also have CRAB Mentality ... But then, they post too much selfies or lies on Facebook! WHy do i say lie? because sometimes, what they post is just "pretending"....

This is is mostly the kind of people in our society now...

"If you feel like you lost before you tried, then you already have." Make sense!
Believe in your goal and it will fuel you up.

nice article! :)

I believe that thinking about my future plans gives me more energy to do things through out the day. I am an artist and struggle getting my work out there. I spend my day working and planning for the future and I am slowly getting there.

When I was young till about age 26 I wanted to make money. Big money. Not a certain amount, just money. But for what? The goal was money but without a purpose. So I never achieved it.
Now on the other hand the goal is to get a coaching education and that cost some money. Within 1 year I managed to save half of it.

I changed my goal and my other goals in life to be outside of materialistic needs.

But no, negative or none productive goal or attitude is not worth it and is not helping :D

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@chbartist el cuerpo huma maquina creada con milenios de evolución, necesita pasión para funcionar a mi me paso en mi primer trabajo cuando comencé, quería que todo se hiciera bien, bien hecho rápido y de calidad (por cierto trabajaba en un taller mecanico). Pasado el tiempo y por varios desmanes por parte del sobrino hermano del dueñe, fui perdiendo el amor y cariño que le ponia al trabajo todo los días.
Para finalizar miestra me apasionaba mi trabajo no había día en que me sintiera cansado , en cambio ahora que ya perdió eso ir era consumir toda mi energía.

El cuerpo humano necesita de esa motivación para tener energía de avanzar.

Awesome post

Energy! The word speaks for itself. This write up is quite apt and I think it should be read by all and sundry. The reason is that the world is beckoning to every man and woman out there to be an achiever in whatever field they have chosen for themselves. People need to know that their mindset is the very hearth of their energy, and that if they do not self-motivate nothing much can happen. There is great wisdom in the saying that nothing can stand in the way of a deternmined man. The reason is that a determined man, loaded with bubbling enthusiasm for his goal, can never say he lacks energy. True energy comes from within, not from without.

Great article. Thanks for sharing. Its not bad to take a break sometimes when you are out off energy and refresh your mind and start again.

Its obvious!! I feel that everyone of us would have felt that we don't have the energy to do some thing at certain point of time in life. Losing the energy doesn't depend on the individual itself, it depends on lots of factors like the people around him, the environment he is in, the society where he lives etc..
Different people different situations and different reasons to loose the energy to achieve something.. Some come over and achieve big and some get lost and destroyed...

felt this when I was actually coming to work day by day. but when I tried this Homebase, it made my life a whole like different and loving it now! try reading @chbartist other post and you will know what I am talking about.

looking at the photo is so tiring. what more if you look like this most of the time. set goals, manage your time well, be a result-oriented person to reap a good harvest as you sow hard work! #principleofsowingandreaping

mindset plays a very important role in our lives. what will our future be depend on how we perceive things from happening (while of course praying for God's will). Faith without action is dead. better get going as the time doesn't stop. TIK. TAK. TIK. TAK.

the Title I think is all in the mind. So we should have the plan ahead of us so we will get focused on the track we are to take. this will keep us motivated, driven, and focused on our goals. let's just shake off those loose energy!

I believe the title is just all in the mind! what we need is the plan a concrete plan that keeps us from going. that will lead us to what we should be doing for us to be able to reach our goal. mindset will keep us motivated, driven and will push us towards success. shake off those loose energy!

Some people say "You can't expect to have a positive life with a negative mind" and it's true. We have to fill our mind with positive thinking, it is the fuel of our life and brain! Regards.

@chbartist I would like to detail your writing. Which is exactly what I understood in my universe. .SELF ESTEEM. ! Have you noticed those psychological barriers created by humans? Have you seen a feline in its natural environment hesitate when it goes for its prey ?. Which is exactly what keeps the spirit of the human being alive, but the Hope of achieving its objective path of life. He has the right to achieve, to triumph who does not settle his struggle in the hope of reaching a goal. I will never understand how a being expresses not having the energy or not before initiating a goal; friend we are pure energy, we are natural transformers, we are creation, we are the most perfect organism of nature. On the other hand I can express that beyond the infinite words, we must not stop understanding a profound wisdom about the human person in time (experience of triumph and overcoming obstacles). Make it clear that any human rejection has a handle and recover that esteem needs of coexistence in the formation of family, work to feel real and alive.
Feel Real that you exist in the space and the heart of others. Always doubt will exist but temporarily, because doubt is exactly what forces you to analyze the situations that arise to achieve your goals (there is no age for this); doubting yourself of your reality, of your courage, of your dignity, is an external confirmation of the others, because they accustomed us to need, to receive confirmation from others, even from our own value and dignity to achieve what we deserve . If that confirmation you will never be able to believe in yourself? FOR THIS I SPEAK OF REAL VALUE, AUTO RECOGNIZE LIKE A VICTOR, TRIUMPHANT, SUCCESSFUL. Therefore, to feel that we are someone, that we leave traces, that we understand in our concrete reality of tastes, desires, fears and hopes, fears and joys are energies in desire for achievements. Now we usually feel bad when we do not feel the acceptance or approval of others for what we do and thus accept ourselves. WHO CAN SATISFY US? WHO BUT WE ARE SPREADING PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS IMPOSED. THIS IS THE SECRET TO OVERCOME
And finally, we as human beings live ourselves from the inside, we live as an "I", as a center of impulse in the universe: desire, fear, hope, dilutions, are natural needs and effects; but to others we live from outside, therefore not our "I" even if it originates the same fear of all desire ... but as something that is there and that disturbs in the realization of my internal "I". Therefore, it is not giving or taking away things as I increase my real value, my self esteem, but giving it and recognizing the right to be who I am, the right to be a "I" a true, living, joyful and courageous self. to accept that if I can achieve it, overcome any obstacle. There is no barrier that prevents you from realizing your life projects. Only you are what you want to be

I fully agree..

I’ve told a friend the exact same thing in the past. The negativity works against you and doesn’t help you in the slightest.

The key to a positive life is a positive mind.

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