Building on Strengths

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Today I wanted to leave a short but powerful thought on this blog. The idea of understanding what we are good at, and what we are not, and building on what we know we can excel at.

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Along my journey I've met plenty of smart capable people who get burned out trying to do everything themselves. The reasons why they do this are obvious, they seem to think only they can do things right, but of course this attitude is not sustainable.

Think about this for a minute, if there is so much effort and time one must put into learning a skill or a trade, and our time on earth is limited, How could be great at everything? Yes, we could be good or really good at many things, but there is no way to be a master at everything we try.

Believe me when I tell you, good leaders are very aware of what they are good at, and what things they lack. But just like that, they also learn the skill or recognizing talent, and delegating work to the right people when they do. In other words, building a team.

If you are an Entrepreneur, of if you strive to be one, take this lesson to heart. You don't want to become a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Learn to build on your strengths.

Remember: I would be grateful if you understood the importance of resteem these posts to build a community with a positive mindset. This is my greatest goal here and you who accompany me know! This is my greatest truth and I do with my heart. Many of these information that are useful to you may be important to other people who need information for your personal growth and that is the most important thing to achieve any goal in your life and remember: Give a upvote between you who take the time to comment and discuss constructively. This has happened here and I am very glad to see you helping each other.



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@chbartist sir!
We are good or bad, we can not evaluate it. Our ability and actions are evaluated by others only. Confidence and overconfidence are two different things. Geniuses are full of all. Some people's talents are depressing. Some circumstances give rise to the circumstances.Overconfidence over self gives birth to ego. I am the best of all. Such ideology does not allow a person to move forward. In fact, the person who uses his talents properly, he creates a strong and superior community and uses his powers correctly.

I agree with you and this subject is very very broad. But that's what I'm trying to do here, and it should, in a moment, seem to have one or the other that does not understand. I will insist to the end so that everyone understands that upvotes between you are the best way for them to show that they understand the way of building a community that one helps others. I add aidna that lirança is gained by setting the example and that is why I give upvotes in those who are with me in the same concept of mutual aid. Today it may be that I can help more but life is a rise and fall for everyone and it is important for people to understand that there will always be tomorrow and we do not know if we will be above or below. But if we have our souls clean and our mindset ready we are where we form a great family.

We all have capabilities to be leaders but we seldom realize our true potential. Leaders are people who take initiative and lead people. A powerful leader inspires and motivate people. As you are motivating us, you are showing your leadership. It is a skill but it is not like skill of making art etc. It is sheer improvisation and finding opportunities to use whatever resources one can deploy.

Exactly @akdx

This is a powerful mantra as it also permits you to not worry to much about what you do not have control over. Delegation is a key part of growing not only in business but personally as we are all human and eventually need to relax and reflect while leaving things being done.

Agree friend! Have a nice day!

Hi @chbartist your thoughts are nice and I like it. Good leader know what his subordinates are good at and even he is very much clear about the objective. If leader is focused with vast vision then its always fun working with him. Leadership is a great quality which can drive the work to another level.

Have a great weekend.

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Exactly! Friend! Have a great weekend.

We need to realize our inner potential...

Well the worth of proper delegation is one of the first things they teach you in business management courses, though not everyone goes through those of course (I didn't, just read stuff on the subject).
But not everyone is comfortable as a leader and manager of men, purely being a creator is what fits those folks best. It's the independent creators who often have the most issues with resource and time management and learn lessons about cooperation that few books teach.

Books teach little. There is no faculadde of life. Just traveling the journey!

Yes you are quite right @chbartist. If you think you can do everything on your own, then you are mistaking. A leader should know that he needs to delegate some duties to others and also recognise their talent because that also matters. A nice motivational talk to help. Thank you

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Thank you for your comment friend! Regards

Great post. Too much of self reliances kills. One must learn to appreciate others around us and must learn to tell them to help us. We can not do all the things only by ourself. The time in this earth is so so limited to over depend on your own ability. Nice post

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Thank you friend!

An entrepreneur should be confident in the area of his or her business, concentrate on the growth without having any doubt of the business being successful. He/she should build on the present strength of the trade rather than jumping to different businesses. Thanks for sharing @chbartist

Thank you friend!

I agree, This definitely a positive mindset upvoting the comments also, helps the community to be strong and grow. That is surely generous of you to think so! keep up with such positivism and good content!


@chbartist sir! Your good side is your every blog is interconnected with each other. Like you share an experience in this blog about doing something in which we are expert. Yeah, Actually A true leader fixed his aim early and he can find out his creativity in which side he is expert. In that case its connected with fixing the aim and to set the goal. Thanks a lot.

Thank you friend!

Teamwork is that: uniting weaknesses and powers to build all. In what I have fault, the other can help me. In what the other fails, I can help. One finger won't make a difference, but the hand will. Sometimes people are afraid to delegate because they don't want to be replaced by others, because there is a certain ego or lack of security, or simply to maintain control, to feel that others depend on it. This is a mistake for any leader! Thank you for your good advice

Thank you Nancy! Regards

Hi @chbartist ,I know life is very busy.To the point , if we put effort to do something then we can achieve our target. Hard work is necessary to become a master in any case.
Have a good day

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Yes, friend! Have a nice day....

Very thoughtful pos, that is to say that if we are good for something we can continue improving and perfecting in those aspects in which we present weaknesses, the question is in wanting to do it and continue as a good leader. A hug, friend, @chbartist.

Big hig @lauram.

Buenas totalmente de acuerdo con lo mencionado en este post lo que pasa es que muchas veces no han dado una mala educación porque:
La mayor parte de nuestras vidas nos han enseñado cosas que realmente nunca usamos, solo la aprendemos porque es un programa del colegio, universidad pero realmente nos enseñan lo que en realidad nos sirve para nuestras vidas, sino para mantenernos controlado antes de aprender lo poco que se dé ventas en línea, ganar dinero por la internet, tratar de lograr la libertad financiera tener ingresos pasivos, alternando de tener mi negocio para cada necesidad para que sinceramente la libertad financiera. Solo como buenos soñadores nos dicen que nunca podemos ser millonarios o tener lo que realmente nos merecemos para eso nos dicen que solo hay que ganarse la lotería o que solo las otras generaciones de ti son las que pueden porque tiene que varias generaciones trabajando en eso. Y en estos años he descubierto que eso es totalmente una información errada que solo nos educan para ser seguidores no a formar personas con el éxito total y a vivir la vida que realmente nos merecemos, así que con este pequeño aporte complementando lo del compañero quiero que se ayuden recuerden si la felicidad o el éxito no es compartido no es un verdadero éxito. Formar emprendedores y personas diferentes en su entorno para mejorar este mundo que cada día es más incomprensible. Lean edúquense y traten de ignorar menos.

Good parts according to what is mentioned in this post what happens is that many times they have not given a bad education because:
Most of our lives have taught us things we never really use, we only learn because it's a college program, university really really teach us what really works for our lives, but to keep control of what you need to learn . can be sold online, earn money online, try to achieve financial freedom have passive income, alternate having my business for every need to sincerely financial freedom. Only as good friends we say that we can never be millionaires or we had what we really deserved for that we say that we only have to win the lottery or only the other generations. And in these years he has discovered that this is really an erroneous information that is only possible for us to be followers not to form people with total success and to live the life that we really deserve, as well as this little companion complementary report I want to be Helping to remember happiness or success is not shared nor is it a true success. To train entrepreneurs and different people in their environment to improve this world that is increasingly incomprehensible. Read educate yourself and try to ignore less

Thank for your words!

Learning to delegate functions is very important, not only to organize ourselves better, but also to conserve our health, because the stress caused by having so much burden can bring us many diseases in the future.

Great words!

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Well said!! My short time as a manufacturing supervisor, looking back if I would have spent more time delegating activities to direct reports than trying to do it all bymyself it would have been a lot easier.

I'm sure! Regards

You don't want to become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

I have trouble making sense of that, aren't both one and the same?!?

But aside from that... Good sentiment!

Hi friend, they are not the same, I'm still going to write a lot about it. Have a nice weekend

@chbartist A good leader can bring out the best in everyone on his team, and knows when to take a step back and let someone else handle a problem, while still being motivating and having the general overview on things


Strengths! Strengths !strengths....many times we become strongly negative about some ideas which could have really sustain a project. Lets try and focus mostly on good things you can do without each hesitation and resistance and we will become extremely successful....bigs bro

Great words friend!

Thanks man

You are 100% right my friend, I am going to resteem now. Thanks for excellent writing.

Thank you @rafique1953

La visión de un líder permite construir grupos donde la mancomunidad por un objetivo establecido permite que esta se logre, el yo centrismo y la autosuficiencia son errores propios de nuestra condición humana que no permiten sumar logros en conjunto.


People that try to do everything,, to be master at all things i can assume are people that have either ego issues or trust issues in the sense that they dont want to ask for help in areas of their weakness or they may have been taken advantage of when they did entrust someone.

Regards friend!

This logic can be applied in our homes where our super Mom's should learn to delegate their work among their husbands and children so that she gets some rest to be out of stress from simple things. This way she builds the Family Team at home!!

Agree friend

Thank you so much for this post!! You have just described me...would you like my pic to include in your edit of this post, it you now choose to...LOL!! I am a jack of all trades and master of none, but I do realize that building a team is a better way to get things done. I am currently developing a site myself, awhile back I came to realize that I keep burning the candle at both ends and end up with nothing because I burnt out before my project could stand up on it's own. I think that some of them would have taken off if only I had built myself a team of like minded persons.Lesson's learned are always good...I have learned mine. Thanks again for this post...resteemed and I am following you now!! Peace and love to yas!!

Thank you friend!

Quite a serious food for thought.
I have been learning and doing a lot of things all my life and it seems this is the thing I am lacking. Need to figure out what my strengths are and gotta start building on them.
Thanks for sharing this wisdom with us!

Thank you so....

On point! My fave quote is this, "Teamwork makes the dream work". We can never achieve success without teamwork.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us @chbartist. As an INTJ / CEO I struggle with delegation because it's difficult for me to entrust my vision with those who I feel fail to see the full "field of play." You've inspired me to a) start focusing on the value(s) I bring to the table and b) start entrusting my weaknesses to my team in a more trusting manner. Nice job!

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Thank you!

Great information your post reminds me when I was young my father told me it's better to be a master at one thing then not a master at anything or knowing a little bit about everything. I don't remember the exact quote but you get the idea I'm subscribing to your channel keep up the good content.

Thank you friend!

I want to know what my strengths are and then which ones I could use consistently to become a master and specialize in something.
To have my own identity.

  ·  last year (edited)

@chbartist sir!
Focusing and building on one's strengths, is a really powerful tool, which can and has the ability to unlock and unleash our full potential, that might be surprising, inspirational for generations!! Leveraging one' inner fears correctly, bravely , optimistically shall make seemingly high''Alps and Pyreenes'', bow down, if not sink..
strength is unity in diversity...

It is really important we recognize our strengths! That is how we succeed!


We can't evaluate The strengths and the weaknesses of our by are own. Our friends and family plays an important role for us to find our abilities and strengths

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What if our strength is being a jack of all trades?

nice blog! i totally agree with this.

excelente blog la vida es una sola

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@chbartist, Few aspects of human behavior have been subject to as much speculation and discrepancy as group behavior or society; in effect if we accept the natural characterization of man, we will understand why some people; feel the need to cover or do themselves so many things, not trusting others, remember the cliché "if you want something to go well, do it yourself". It is a criterion I would say secondary to praise its success.
It is a model of individual behavior, involved in the "traditional" approach only recognize it performed by you, is a type of harmful ego.
I quote what is written by you; "We can be good or really good at many things, but there is no way to be a teacher in everything we try. (The world is a team, there are others, there is a variety of facts).
A high or excessive self-assessment, as to your person is not a sufficient condition to get to do great, the creation of the supreme or superior force, indicates that the world the diverse in everything and everything is based on the link of that diversity , understanding that the genius of leadership, is in delegating and giving opportunity to other beings.
he genius of leadership, is not in the fact that you do everything, is in the fact that MOTIVES to others do everything for a whole.

The greater the search for understanding, the greater the reward in the satisfaction of knowing ourselves

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