*PROCRASTINATION* Day 3: Musicians & Steemit Success

in blog •  7 months ago

My accounting exam is tomorrow. So here are my procrastination thoughts for the day.

I moved into a new house here in Sydney with my parents not long ago and as such my bedroom is looking pretty bare. I love music and somebody had recently told me that there was a gallery nearby with black and white limited photography of old musicians. So obviously I went and checked it out instead of studying for my exam as every normal human would.

There I was in this gallery and I stumbled across this amazing photo of Jeff Buckley intently thinking, sitting back on his couch with his feet kicked up on the table. I love Jeff’s music and also found his life story quite intriguing, as well as his sudden and early death quite tragic. It’s a shame we never got to hear him continue to make music.

Anyway, I flicked the photo over to check the price tag as I thought it would be a great addition to my room and it was very very expensive. Well and truly out of my price range, which was annoying. Immediately I started thinking, ‘imagine somehow I could just amass a large following on Steemit and earn the value to be able to have all these amazing photos’. My mind obviously started drifting off into this fairy-tale land where I was a whale on Steemit and my power allowed me to gain a significant wealth.

However, I was quickly brought back down to earth with the reality of Steemit. I am under no illusion that if I were to ever get to that stage it would require a lot of consistent effort over a significant period of time. But even then I started to wonder if that would make a difference. Is there a harsh reality attached to this platform? If you do not somehow attract the attention of a whale, which is like winning the lottery, is it actually possible to grow a following. Especially considering how quickly an article drifts off the feed with the amount of content being uploaded (which I procrastinated about in yesterday’s article). It’s a depressing thought, but nevertheless I will continue to try for the mean time.

How does everyone else feel about this?

Anyway, just another bunch of my daily thoughts. Now back to accounting.

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