Media! the mirror of reality

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Media truth is a mirror, fair, fearless. But the media discharges its responsibilities from the responsibility? The work of the media is not only to remove the Kamiya but also to try to overcome the shortcomings. In the current perspective, is this applicable, maybe not.Media! Fourth column of democracy Voice of the people Is it working fairly? Or is it inclined towards any party? Maybe not a team? Or is it inclined towards any party that is in power?
Perhaps the final question is the answer. The answer to this is that the media is not fair, behaves like a broker.Every place is its penetration and everyone needs it. It is also just like fruit cast, It will be seen in the cast, then it will be seen in it. These things also apply to the king who is the owner of a large land area.
It has always been behaving like a priest of the king. Today, this priest is performing the priesthood of that king tomorrow. As the priest does not remain loyal to the person, his allegiance is against the king, even if the king is unjust, Because the benefit is to meet the king only. Similarly, the media does not remain loyal to any party, like a priest remains loyal to the king.
The character is a bit of both - what is the media and what the priest is? The bride is in the blood like that, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi, whatever she wants. The blessed media, the blessed priest. If that happens, then that day is not far when the people The trust of the media will rise. The pet dog of a leader died, Salman is speaking at the age of 50 in the love of the girls, Kohli has told Anushka a flying kebt against the century, but these figures will be printed prominently. What is the problem of civilians ever tried to print?
The day is not far when the media will lower its itself, celebrities, politicians, business man's hands will become a puppet.

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