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The index is a lone number which reflects how the variables have changed over time in the variable group or what is the difference between the two spheres. Indexes are specific types of relative measurements, depending on which the equations should be appropriately and vague. May be.
Meaning of the index--
The index of the word derived from the word "index" is two words, literally meaning the numerator of the index. The index was referenced in 1764 AD by the Cali of Italy, whose purpose was to find food and oil in Italy To get knowledge of changes in the value of etc.
Definition of Index-IMG_20180906_000919.jpg
The index is a series of digits by which the changes occurring in the magnitude of an element are measured on the basis of time or place.
A 2-index is a special type of measurement which measures the relative changes in time or place.
Index features-
In the form of 1-average
2-relative findings
3-comparative nature
4-world wide utility
5-epic form
Importance and benefits of indicesIMG_20180906_000144.jpg -IMG_20180906_000018.jpg
1-Knowledge of change in living standards
Measure of value of
3-year economic estimate
4-Various notifications
5-Controls and policies
Limitations of indices-
1-index reflects only the necessary trend of change, so that there is no realization of the complete reality of the changes.
While calculating
2-indices, the qualitative side of the item is ignored.
3-indices are formed on the basis of samples and its conclusions are not pure, and they are close to purity.
Build indices-
1-Right selection of objects
The right choice of
2-representative objects
3-popularity of objects
4-number of objects
5-Classification of Objects
The purpose of
Selection of
7-year year
Calculation methods of ordinary indices-
1-Simple Grouping Method
2-Indian mean ratio method
3-Bharti group system

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Well, its purpose was to find oil and food in Italy.


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