activists seek personhood rights for a fifth dieses

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According to a survey, pesticide medicines used in the world's agricultural area are becoming a threat to humans.These medicines are inviting diseases like cancer. Some months ago, down to Earth had reported that this pesticide caused US There were 3000 patients with cancer, but now it has doubled.IMG_20180825_122909.jpg

The German pharmaceutical manufacturer announced it last week. At the beginning of this month, the court there ordered the payment of 280 million to the accused, who received terminal cancer (non-Hzkinine lymphoma) after using the weed killer. This was not the first case against the company, but many such cases are pending, the effect is seen in the Sensex.The statutory warnings are not printed in these weed killers.IMG_20180825_122847.jpg
The plaintiff has decided to go to court against the court. The company claims that it does not make such products. The cause of cancer is something else. However, the CEO of the company has said that this product is not right from the scientific point of view.IMG_20180825_122823.jpg

This pesticide is used in India as a popular medicine. Cases use chemical as an alternative. In July 2018, the Telangana government had banned the sale of India's most popular pesticides to prevent the illegal use of hybrid cotton.

Efforts to ban pesticide drug that gives birth to this cancer are going on throughout the world. Numerous countries have banned this but reinstated by looking at economic losses. However, the mortality rate from these pesticides is also affected.

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