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Hello everyone!

My apologies for my absents from steemit. If you follow me you know, I have had some problems with computer hardware not being co-operative for me the last seven months or so. I now have a fully functioning desktop again and hope to be posting once a week again.

My carpenters shop in the basement has been coming along but not yet complete. It has been operational though and I have built a box for a local church to place out side for the public to use to anonymously donate non-perishable food stuffs, diapers, and clothing to people that need it in the community. A Blessing Box is what the church member called it that commissioned it. The idea was to promote donating to the people in need in the community directly and anonymously.

I have no idea how well this is going to work but the way it was explained to me was this. Someone with something to donate puts it in the box and someone in need takes what they need and replaces what the took with something they do not need. In theory it should work if everyone in the community has the same frame of mind. From what I have seen in 53 years of living though, I do not have very much faith in human nature in this day and age.

Well, time will tell how this works out. It is my belief that it will be abused, trashed or torn apart soon after it is set up. I prey that it does work out and provides some help to people in need in this community.

Peace to all and have a great day!

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