Time for change

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Mind open

It's been a while.

I haven't sat down to let my mind flow on the page for a long time. There is a definite correlation between expressing and communicating because my communication has been atrocious for weeks now- on the platform and off.

Today is a new day though and I've decided to make a change in a better direction.


Change! Sometimes exciting, sometimes scary.

That was the recurring theme of our show on Monday which brought some valuable discussion and food for thought to the table. One of the more important points, which was highlighted by Shadowspub in her post, was that deliberate change requires form. It requires reasoning and a certain plan of action to take place.

I've been repeating myself for too long saying I'm not happy about the lack of my communication and engagement with those around me. My inner dialogue blaming it on time and fear, my external self on the hamster wheel ticking round and round exhausting itself. It's a ridiculous feedback loop which is paralyzing from within and it's starting to fade out some of the connections I've made throughout my life.

I'm done with this phase.


There are a bunch of people around me who have started writing ulogs. The vision of the ulog movement seems to be about bringing the essence of blogging back. Blogging about you, sharing your thoughts and what-not. Expressing.

I'm diggin' it.

It's like morning pages or evening pages, or whatever people call them. Except it's out there for all to see and not locked up in your notebook. 'You are the celebrity', so they say. Clever marketing. These types of posts with the funky looking thumbnails will be my pages/logs/ramblings. They'll help me get back to opening up my mind more and expressing part of me. Small steps and all that.

Write daily, read more, engage and connect.

What communities do I support indefinitely?







Hi bro, nice post. I am quite new here on Steemit and found a good place to "let my words out of my notebook" just as you said. I keep looking into the details of this platform, and I see there are many detailed strategies to have more and more gains... and more gains... and more gains... And I just got fed up with all that. I will be reesteeming this post, not because it will make me rich... but because I liked it. I will check on the communist you mention! And long life to true blogging!

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