The Mental Side of Things - Part 2

in blog •  10 months ago

On the last post on this topic I said I will try to exercise mindfulness in routine situations like on the bus or walking home. Unfortunately I kind of jumped it on the deep end and tried to swim, considering I don't know how to swim it's obvious how that went :)


Concentrating while the brain is filtering the outside information as well as a lot of thoughts like:
"check your phone" or " remember when..." has proven difficult so far. Clearing the mind and silencing the hustle and bustle that I usually hear inside my head is the goal I am aiming for and as elusive as it has proven to be, the few moments that mind the actually achieves silence have proven extremely beneficial by lowering anxiety and improving cognitive abilities.

Unfortunately, over the years I have gotten used to the constant coming and going of thoughts without thinking of the consequences and it will take a lot of practice to shape my brain into a more focused and quiet "machine".
I want to set mindfulness as a daily routine at home in order to help me achieve a peaceful mind in stressful situations and as crutch supporting the practice of mindfulness in more difficult environments, for example while commuting. Just like kids use training wheels when they begin learning to ride a bike, I have to start with something more manageable for my unbalanced mind :) (pun intended).

I know setting a routine will be difficult with all that is going on in my life, but training the mind is one of the most worth while things I feel anybody can do. With that said I hope you are having a peaceful and relaxing day.

Take care,

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