Speaking Our Prayers: Word Optimizations For A Better Now

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Im writing a song based on optimizing our speech in order to accurately cultivate the intentions we wish to call in.

I recently posted on Steemit about my take on why words work.

My summation is Frequency resonance

It is said Words are spells. What we say is casted into the physical realm weaved through vibration.

When I say something that feels great and in a tone that feels great it resonates through each of the cells in my body and catalyzes our healing.

Similarly, when we say something that doesn't feel great it also resonates throughout body and the same goes for everything that is around us; what we say impacts everything around us and everything in us.

It is important that we speak from the heart & speak our prayers
~ as above so below ~
the flower of life exists and what we put out ripples.

It is important that when we speak about things that don't make us feel good we set a sacred space for therapeutic conversation. It may be imposing to speak about what doesn't feel great when sacred space for therapeutic conversation is not set or agreed-upon. I recommend the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz for anyone who wants to expand on this Theory.

For now I will post words that I am optimizing and I would love for everyone who reads this to consider contributing to the content for this song as well as the application of our optimizations in our daily routine!

Word optimization practice:
Hello : heaven up
Appreciate : apprecialove
Hell ya : heaven ya
Never - yet
Like - love (ie: likewise:lovewise)
Fine - Good
Good - Great
I cant - i choose not to
'Made me' - i allowed
When - as
Try- do now
Me - we
You - we
They - us
Ancenster- ancestarr
Sister - sistarr
Human - hue-man
Evolution - lovelution
Understanding great is - innerstand
But - positive transition rather than non negating
Morning - dawning
Deserve - serve

I choose to offer my Greatest w each step in service applyin my worth Realizes my purpose contributes to the beneficial growth of our life like ferments


Check out The people who I'm following here on Steemit if you want to learn about more greatness that exists in our world!🙏🏼💓⚛️🌈

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Thanks for sharing >> @burntmd

My pleasure thanks for reaching out

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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