Terminal.Global: effective service for crypto-investors

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The principles of the crypto-currency market are seriously different from the rules of the usual financial markets. Therefore, it is logical that the principles of collecting data on crypto-currencies also vary.

One of the most effective tools can be the content aggregator Terminal.Global. The current information about the digital currency market will be useful to both beginners of the crypto industry and experienced players.

Collecting and analyzing data is a painstaking job whose results affect the decisions that traders make. That is, information becomes a formative force for the entire market.

The goal of Terminal.Global is to provide operational and relevant information so that players can make the right decisions. To do this, the company uses a unique system analysis of the algorithm of the digital currency market. The service contains a news aggregator, data on cross-rates, information about the cost of tokens, statistics, etc. All services are located on a single web-interface, which is extremely convenient.

The trader can not only get the necessary information from authoritative sources, but also conduct crypto-currency transactions on 40 exchanges. Users are available more than 500 currencies and tokens, several hundred trading pairs.

After the launch in mid-April, the company intends to further develop a universal platform, so necessary for the growing market and the ever-increasing number of players. The functions of the platform will be expanded, for example, the rating of token, arbitration matrix, crypto-index tracking function, universal block-conductor, calendar of events, etc. will appear.

All these tools should simplify the work of both investors with little experience, and competent traders.

If financiers have Bloomberg, the players of the digital currency market have Terminal.Global.

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A great informative post. I am doing a final year research about Machine Learning. Title of my research is bitcoin price prediction. Can i get the algorithm which company used.

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