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I tried to find a picture that showed hot sweaty summer and failed utterly

This place can really be completely unbearable during the summer. Unfortunately, our electrical breaker can't handle the Ethereum mining and another AC unit at the same time and so I sweat. I can't even remember which bar that picture was taken in because this weather makes me so delirious.

our breaker... with color coded stickers from the last movie I shot in my apartment

Four Days Since...

My last post. Jesus, how did that happen? I was doing so good. I had almost managed to get four posts in one day. I still haven't managed and now this! A four day break.

Bad Brandon, very bad Brandon.

I was looking for a picture to illustrate that statement and inadvertently ran across a ton of video footage on one of my drives that I thought I had deleted. Do you ever run across things on your hard drive you thought you deleted? Do you organize your drives regularly?

The movie clips are from a film I produced with a few college students about four years ago called Symptomatic. It was supposed to be a Zucker style horror comedy... instead I learned the greatest lesson about managing a location shoot gone awry.

Our actresses went slowly nuttier and nuttier over the course of a 4 day shoot in the middle of the wilderness. Never a good thing when actresses go crazy.


But one learns many lessons over life. That picture is me at 7. Apparently, I'd already started taking pictures.

And now... I'm going to go and focus on putting that post about late night movies together.

Unless otherwise noted all photos used are the work of Brandon Ruckdashel or official publicity material released by the projects I have been in.

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