What a FOOL Ingests -- Brindle Swan's Secret Weapons

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Day 33 and still posting at a sustained, crazy once per day rate! How does he do it? How will he keep up till April 1, 2017?

@brindleswan has been taking potential nuclear war, even more tyranny, and economic collapse scenarios seriously for many years, and lately, perhaps, it has been taking a toll in the form of fatigue and brain fog.

So today, it was off to the supplement store with @mazi. The Founding FOOLs have been studying nootropics for many years. Way back in the 80's, @brindleswan worked at the Life Extension Foundation back when hydergine, dmae, phosphatidyl serine and piracetam were the state of the art. (They are still useful tools.)

So what's new since then? Magnesium Threonate is a form of magnesium that passes the blood brain barrier and shows incredible promise in numerous studies. Maca boosts testosterone. Fermented Ginseng, Cordyceps Mushroom, Theonine and Magnolia Bark Extract increase ATP, fight cortisol, and prevent world hunger, when taken in large enough doses.

Here are links to today's purchases. References to studies on all these are handy at lef.org:






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