The experiment

in blog •  2 years ago

My idea

To create a account where by a group of people all create original content under one banner.


My guess is that having more people all posting under one user banner would improve the overall experience for readers, generate a following faster, increase status quicker, and generally make for a more profitable experience than any one of us posting individually.


Plagiarism, coordinating, ethics.

This is day 3 and I've already ran into plagiarism hurdles with non original content.

Luckily cheetah bit caught it and I have since removed the post.

My questions are has anyone done this before? And is this a viable strategy for growth in your opinions? And of course how can I check my content to make sure it's OC IMG_0626.PNG

Has anyone done this before and what are anyone's thoughts?

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Hi, I've thought of something similar before. An account run by multiple people, where you internally decided on the best post and that post then gets published. I think this would improve the quality as well as the frequency of the content published.

Very interesting ... this could be very powerful!

I Agree. I think it's a good concept. The implementation is difficult but it could very well pay dividends one day.