Patience Dies After 38°C!

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Its hot as hell! Last 2 months has been 41°- 47°C and that kills creativity.... and patience.... and good manners! Also makes you all sweaty and grumpy! Spent most of the day feeling like a serial killer wanting to destroy the whole planet! Extreme heat makes us behave like that, like antisocial beings wanting to explode the whole world! Add to that neanderthals driving at the wrong side of the road, grannies walking really slow not letting you get out of the supermarket aisle, a nasty traffic jam and an empty stomach and you will have the recipe of mass destruction! Seriously, I think I said the entire cursings and bad words encyclopedia today! I was out of control.

Patience dies after 38°C!

After 40°C antisocial behavior comes in.

After 43°C psycho mode starts kicking.

After 45°C God help us all cause apocalypse its about to break lose!

I need December to come already so I can have my 2 months of 24°- 32°C. I know that's not very low temps but when you spend 10 months cooking yourself in your own body fluids thanks to the merciless heat, 32°C feels refreshing! And I need that refreshing feeling cause this heat is taking the life of me!

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huh!! Why is it sooooooo hot there??

Thats not always the deal right?

Every year is worst! Scientist have been making studies here for the past 20 years and they say Puerto Rico gets hotter and hotter every year. Global warning is a bitch! 46C is the new normal here, the other day was 48C... freaking 48C!! with sharan dust and humidity that 48 feels like 50C! I know you don't miss this heat at all! hahahaha

hahaha I do miss the heat but damn not that kind of one..holy crap!!

Get yourself loads of ice creams and install the ass in front of a fan!

I live stick to the fan! hahahaha

Two words for you:

Piña colada

Patience returns in a couple of hours, earlier depending on the amount of rum in the second word 😉😂😂

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Piña colada helps for a few seconds! Being drunk with this heat is not an easy task! hahaha

🤪 What antisocial behavior? Can’t you feel the breeze woman?! It’s only this morning about 200• degrees (F)! (I’m sitting smacked in front of a high speed fan trying to breath and not moving much).

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Tu esta bien chavaita pq en Ponce siempre hace muchisimo mas calor que en el resto del pais! A estas alturas ya debes estar welldone! jajaja

Thats way tooooo freaking friggin HOT.....!!!!!! 😒😖....!!!!!!
I'm sure I'd muder someone if they looked at me wrong. The heat bothers me and it doesn't get that kind of hot where I am. Thank God..!!!!

Yeah, heat makes us very angry ahahah

@blacklux I wish I could send you our rain and I will take your heat, nice swap, heat does not bother me as long as there is a breeze.

Breeze doesn't make much if the wind comes from the south of the island cause is hot wind but if it comes from the north then is refreshing cause is always "cold"

@blacklux Does it get cold there in the winter or is it just comfortable.

It only gets "cold" in the top of mountain where it can be 40F but in the rest of the island gets 72F-90F and thats basically cold for us after being 95F-120F 10 months straight!

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Wow! 40+ Degrees Celsius! That's really extremely hot!
It's been between 30 and 37 for the last 2-3 weeks here in my hometown in Bulgaria and I find it very hot.... But 40+ is probably something extreme!

37 would be so good right now! Yesterday was 47 here.... aaaaaaaah!


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45 ... brain destruction. We have had no more than 20 the last month. But I do not dream about 45 ... :-)

20°.... That would be so nice! 😌

Welcome to St. Petersburg :-)

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wow blacklux! That's some serious attitude and some serious heat! But you've never thought of moving right? You need to have seasons to enjoy the changing temperatures. Destroy the whole planet..yikes.