Celebrating Three Years On Steemit

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Hey Sunshines,

Wow three years have flown past really fast where did they go...

There has been so many changes in Steemit it is all a learning curve when any new platform is it's first of it's kind to jump feet in to the market to take the plunge to see if it will get community backing from user use.

There was loads of teething issues just like any platform, how can you grow and learn experience if you don't try?

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Lets celebrate three years of Steemit and what has been achieved so far and the prospects of a flourishing future with a wonderful community!

Fourteen years ago a blogger named John Chow did a case study in 2005 to see if he could earn $3000 a month from blogging only 2 hours a day, two years later in 2007 he achieved that goal.

Fourteen years later in 2019 is it possible for a average Joe to be able to earn anything from blogging two hours a day?

Technology has changed from 2005 with more and more blogs for people to read how can anyone make money and do all the work involved - writing posts, interacting with readers, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, ads, how can this all get fitted into two hours a day to even start earning let alone where do you begin.

Here comes some industry secrets – Outsourcing!!! Most top bloggers outsource people to write posts, maintain their website, advertise etc.

So how can someone that is going to do everything themselves jam everything into two hours a day to even competition with top bloggers?

It's not about competition with anyone other than yourself to achieve your own goals that you set with a community there supporting your achievement's.

With blogging platforms available where you don't need to be too techy that you can get started without setting up a website, buying a domain where you can get started for free.
You'll need to wait while your application gets approved, that may take up to two weeks, while your waiting during this time you can use this time to learn about how to blog, short cuts, think about what your going to blog about.

This is what Steemit has achieved where you can trade your time to write about what ever you want share with your family, friends, connections, followers, etc and see what they think about the information you share on your other social media platforms, if they upvote on the steemit platform they donate to you for the content you have created.

My challenge going into my third year is to do a 120 minute blog challenge to keep myself in check to share my experiences, knowledge with others, interact with others, curate, within a time limit as I'm really time poor, but to organize that and become a active community member of Steemit.

My favourite community's so far that I have enjoyed being apart of so far on the platform are @ADSactly that recommended Steemit to me three years ago, so a massive Thank you.
@teamnz, a community of Kiwis and Aussies helping one another on the platform.
#makeithealthy, #fruitsandveggiesmonday I've enjoyed joining a few of the challenges, hopefully I'll get more active in the weekly #fruitsandveggiesmonday challenge.
There are so many challenges, competitions to join, I've been able to interact with so many knowledgeable people from around the world in so many of my different interests has been really amazing so a massive Thank you to you all!!!

A massive Thank you to everyone that I've interacted with, and has upvoted, curated and commented on my posts.

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What I have learnt or achieved from Steemit within three years

For me it's been more a personal journey where I've been able to really been able to figure out what interests me, unfortunately I still need to work out how to streamline what I want to share and how. I'll get there as I'm just too fussy and want things to be perfect, but as we are human nothing is perfect that we can create, so l'll try to just go with the flow and share different things that come into mind when they come too.
If your new to Steemit, would like to interact with other bloggers and Steemians, or would like to join the #steemitblogchallange to challenge yourself to get organized then please feel free to join me on [discord]( https://discord.gg/UKGVcE5) as I'm feeling like only the lonely right now:)

What have been your experiences of Steemit while you have been here?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

Steemit if full of great community's here are some you may like to check out:

The @adsactly society is fabulous - Don't take my word for it check them out on discord if your interested in the crypto sphere, society.

#makeithealthy project is being held by the fabulous @woman-onthe-wing so you don't need to go healthy by yourself.

Thank you @teamnz for the personalized banner

New to Steemit or a bit lost what to do,Steem Savvy (Full disclosure that is a Refferal link to Steemsavvy you can check them out on their main page if you don't want to use a Referral link. ) is a great place to start with beginners guides, guiding you on your new journey into the world of blockchain social media.

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Welcome back,I think, I havent seen your posts for a while and was wondering what you were up to.
It could be old age setting in and I missed things.

Hey len, I haven't been posting for a while, life has been busy so hopefully can balance it all to be able to post at least five times a week.
Hope you have been well!

All's well in the south, roll on summer.
I wont be posting much for a while myself.
@trevor.george, who has decided to go to Greece to met his iin-laws, is helping make a game, snakes and ladders, from Reinga to Auckland. With each town there is a bit of history and sometimes things to do.
It may produce some interest about NZ if I am lucky.