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This is my friends dog, just love watching little lilly watching the tv. Really brightened my mood.

Due to health reasons I don’t have my own pets. Sometimes I believe I was just ment to be alone in this world.

Then I remind myself how lucky and grateful I am to have good people in my life, whom understand my unseen illnesses and except I have good days and bad.


And on my not so good days, they bring their babies to visit. It always helps to bring a smile to my face.

Today I woke with a black heart 🖤
I am fighting with my own thoughts and I’m winning. I have said many times I am not a writer, I am trying to improve on my skills as I have found a way to change my way of thinking. I have so many people to thank for encouraging me to put my thoughts down. I know my writing can be a bit all over the place, a bit like me.

I have made a commitment to practice on my writing skills and to believe and love myself once more.

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I like other people's pets just fine. We no longer have any (used to have 3 cats) for reasons. I'm glad you have people willing to share their fur babies with you. And good job writing!


You where the one who said just write. Thank you 🙏🏼

Keep fighting. You are definitely winning.

I know that feeling about writing. I have been struggling for quite some time now. I recently watched a prolific writer friend in her process, and she just write whatever strikes her, often all over the place. Some day soon I'm going to do that for myself. So I hope you will too.


Thank you, I just want to write more positive than negative. I’ll keep trying tho. And thank you

Pets are wonderful things. I'm sorry that you can't have your own, but so very happy that you get to "borrow" them sometimes. I really could not imagine my life without the pets that I have. They just have a way of making you smile. Very glad you found the encouragement to write today, I know it can help sometimes. Writing isn't always about structure or format, so don't worry about how it presents. You get your feelings on the paper and it will be seen and appreciated.


I so appreciate your feedback, and encouragement. In time I’m sure it will improve and I will produce better content.

I am not a pet person (although we have a cat), but I also appreciate other people's pets.