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All of these examples reveal a manufactured rift between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine archetypes. The characteristics of the left brain are logic, fight or flight, reason, mathematics, spacial intelligence, vigilance, planning, structure, detail, and hierarchy. The right brain controls creativity, visualization, imagination, nurturing, empathy, intuition, and emotion. As we know, true wholistic intelligence comes from those individuals who can balance both polarities. The Sacred Masculine would represent the good and proper use of the left brain, and the Sacred Feminine represents the authentic right brained modalities. There are, of course, distorted versions of the sacred Masculine and Feminine as well.

Murdering people you disagree with, AKA war, is a distorted version of the Sacred Masculine. The proper use of the Sacred Masculine would be the non aggression principal combined with the use of appropriate defensive force. A distortion of the sacred feminine would be overly religious thinking and dangerous naiveté. An authentic version would be nurturing, compassionate, intuitive, creative & empathetic problem solving.


Think of the New Age movement. They talk about the power of positive thinking and the use of visualization which is very good and helpful. But it’s often directed toward selfish goals and material wealth as opposed to helping the human condition at large. Why not use the Secret to stop the implementation of the smart grid instead of trying to attract a hot model and a Ferrari? The New Age movement promotes the value of being in the moment and not worrying so much about the past or the future. I agree with that. But right along side of this teaching they also promote the idea that you should stop resisting and just go along to get along, which I totally disagree with. There is objective right and wrong. If you had a child that was being harmed by a priest, you wouldn’t just ignore the problem because good and evil need to exist together to make cosmic harmony. Just allow and stop resisting? Wrong. You’d immediately get your kid out of there and report the priest to protect your child. Another inauthentic version of the Sacred Feminine is the toxic “fake it to make it” philosophy commonly found within the ranks of the New Age Movement. You shouldn’t have to fake anything. If you do, the CULTURE is the problem, not you. As Krishnamurti said: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

On the other hand, the Truth Movement works to uncover the evil of the control system to protect people and give them individual freedom. But sometimes it creates more Rabbit Holes than it solves problems. It becomes fear porn. The majority of the time, it gets SO enamored with the evil, it accidentally resonates with it. Yes, we need to point out the problems in order to solve them, but I would say 80% of the Truth Movement is still stuck in orbiting around the problems not the solutions. You have to be FOR something, not just AGAINST it. Otherwise, you end up contributing to a morphic field full of the energy of fear and resentment, hatred and contempt. The authentic interpretation of the sacred masculine would be recognizing the problem, not being afraid to call it out, and then focusing the majority of your energy and time coming up with a way to solve the problem and then taking ACTION toward that end. We don’t need more fear porn, we need real world, practical solutions.


Just like the left brain and the right brain need each other for a wholistic intelligence. I think The New Age Movement needs the pragmatism, the preparedness, the logic and the courage of the Truth Movement to help them uncover the shadow side of human consciousness. This is the only way to true healing. But the Truth Movement needs a little more softness and empathy and camaraderie, more laughter, more joy, more lightness of being. Again, it needs to be FOR something not just AGAINST it. And just telling people that have been traumatized by a lifetime of programming to simply pull up their bootstraps and deal with it doesn’t always work. People are hurt and traumatized out there. Have some empathy and help them deal with this cognitive dissonance. It’s not just about waking people up, it’s about nurturing them once they DO wake up! And on the other extreme, pretending no problems exist and just hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil and fake it to make it, that’s just as toxic. Can we stop with the extremes? Maybe we could even work together at the turn of the tide. I know, blasphemy!

We need the detail oriented left brained logical machinations of the sacred masculine and we need the ability to step back from the canvas, see the big picture and connect the dots of the right brained, creative, intuitive sacred feminine. How about we bridge the gap and work with each other to bring a wholistic approach to problem solving. Is it our egos that need stroking or problems that need solving? Is your focus on being right or being free? It is the merging of the authentic Sacred Feminine with the authentic Sacred Masculine we need, not the inauthentic versions we are offered on TV, in movies, in churches, in Grand Lodges, Board Rooms and Corporate Cubicles. The inauthentic archetypes of masculine and feminine are woven into the fabric of our culture to divide us.


This is the secret hidden in plain sight behind the growing rift in political parties as well. The Republicans are supposed to represent the Sacred Masculine and the Democrats the Sacred Feminine. But both are the inauthentic versions to get us fighting amongst ourselves in a civil war of divide and conquer. No matter if you’re Democrat or a Republican, you’re still a Statist who believes in hierarchy and authority and government. Instead of trying to fix a rigged system, how about we create something new? Non-compliance is our TRUE human nature, not this programmed, inauthentic, auto tuned, cyborg version of reality. We need to take back our birthright, remember who we are and return human beings to a state of balance with animals and nature. I am a sovereign being and I break all chains to any institution, any corporation or ideology. I embrace the pathless path of individuality.

Whether you decide to wear red or blue for your political party, it is nothing more than gang warfare, it is the crips vs. the bloods. It is Shakespeare in the Park. It is as authentic as professional wrestling; theater for the masses. One guy pretends to be the good guy and the other plays the part of the bad guy. Step into a Slim Jim Brother! It is just a mind control program to divide and conquer. And the result is always the same. Ever notice that whoever is in power, we end up losing human rights in order to be "protected" from daddy Government? In order to protect you, we simply need to take away your rights. How’s that working out?


Science and Religion? Science hijacks the Sacred Masculine. Religion hijacks the Sacred Feminine, giving you the inauthentic pre-packaged subverted and controlled versions of both. Inauthentic Sacred Feminine? Communism. Inauthentic Sacred Masculine? Fascism. The masculine individual vs the feminine collective. We need both. We need to work together. We need both sides of our brain. We need the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine to reside in us as individuals AND to reside in the collective. We need protection and strength and logic as much as we need kindness and creativity and empathy. If you have a right brained imbalance you become Sweden. A left brained imbalance and you become North Korea.

I am just trying to bring a little clarity, even if it’s just me lighting a match in the gathering dark. This won't be a popular message because of our incessant programming. But I think it's deeply important. We need more togetherness between men and women, between parties, between movements. I want to see the warring aspects our own psyches enter a new state of harmony as individuals first and foremost. Then I’d like to see people recognize what we can learn from each other. I know that my message is only be a drop in the bucket compared to YEARS of conditioning and programming. I’m just a cool breeze on a sunny day. But the way I see it, if you’re part of the vibrational frequency of the solution, you cannot be in vibrational resonance of the problem. So I do my part by crafting this message; those of you that need to know this information will somehow find your way here. I believe this is a synchro-mystic universe. Thank you for your time and attention. Much love & deep respect!


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