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My name is Bac and I from Bac Giang province. I am currently studying in Thai Nguyen University of Industry. I am 22 years old. I have a lot of sports interests like soccer, badminton ... I like to travel with family and friends. I like to cook although it is very bad hihi ... I like to volunteer because I am experienced and accumulated a lot of knowledge.
I am a new member in Steemit. I tried a lot but the number of votes was still very low. Probably because my account is suspected of being a Clone account. This is my real account, not a fake. It is also possible that the content of the article is not interesting so people are not interested.
I have a strong favorite in Steemit. The reason is that I want to exchange learning, make friends with everyone in the Steemit community. Steemit helps me to accumulate more knowledge, a community of mutual help each other develop together.

My goal is to become one of the successful people in the Steemit community.
I want to be a part of Steemit to develop myself further, to help each other in Steemit. Help Steemit grow more.

That's all about me. Thanks everyone.


em nghe @a-alice nói phải viết xác minh như thế này. đúng trình tự rồi đó a

cũng là do mọi người chỉ dẫn và giúp đỡ ạ, cảm ơn chú và tất cả m.n

ok a để e share chú đăng

cảm ơn bạn nhé

lol. Welcome bạn đến với steemit. Nhưng mà nhìn ảnh giống công an chụp quá =))))

mình được hướng dẫn và giúp đỡ như vậy thôi ạ

Ns e ư=))) e thấy giống công an chụp tội phạm 😂😂

hình ảnh tuyệt vời

Warm welcome to Steemit family :-)

welcome to Steemit :)))

Great post. thanks for sharing

wow!! nice post.thanks for sharing.....

chào mừng bạn đến với steemit:))