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Maturity is when you saw the front person is not correct but you just smile and let the truth come one day.

They told me not to write about these. But hand wanna write this time, lips wanna say something, and the brain is hanging. Nothing offensive or no clarification. Some words which can make my mind free.

I never give explanations about myself, to anyone. I never go to anyone for support but for others. I told by I used tricks when I just fill-up a form only. I told by deceitful when my intention was not.

Ok, you are damn professional and a battlefield. You came to kill my two warriors, why with 32 battlers. Is not there your two battlers enough for mine? So it's not professional. Or my calculation was wrong!

Wealthy quote "my stake my wish".
Poorer quote "your attack I finish".

I heard lines from my family from childhood, "Do not be helpless to the people. Do not go to judge yourself when Allah is there." How peaceful words are.

Now I'm drawing the end. And I'm happily inviting my all partners to come on the comment section and write about the amount I took from you guys.

Bye, (not forever now. After 1 month maybe. Let me do more...)

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