Orange kasasaya magic!

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Yellow orange orange orange orange orange we all ate everybody. We usually eat orange cells and put the scabs of it. It is not the case to eat orange pea. In fact, Kamala Khusar is also a variety of uses. Below are some of the useful uses discussed below:

Cough and bile problems:
One of the characteristics of orange juice is that it eliminates cough problems and any type of bile problem. First make the orange peel thin. Then rub the powder with the help of a heavy pillar or grate. Pour the cottage cheese in the time of color tea. With a little amount of ginger is better. Now drink water like a teaspoon of ginger and orange flavor. You can give him honey too. Then the issue of cuff and pile problems will certainly be resolved.

Removal of stomach problems:
The orange moles solve the problems of the stomach. There is also no pair of orange peas to remove gases, acidity and nausea. Every morning, take a teaspoon of honey in the morning and take it with honey. Then do not read this type of trouble easily. Even in the morning breakfast can eat it with salad.

Help reduce weight:
Orange chops are highly effective for high cholesterol problems and weight loss. Because it contains dissolving triglycerides which helps to solve problems.

Removes insomnia:
Using orange peel water at the time of bathing, it removes insomnia. Even in the kusum hot water it is possible to take a bath. But if you want to mix khose oil with water.

To prevent cancer and bone diseases:
The orange scabies have flavonoid which is known as 'Hesperidine'. It works against colon cancer and osteoporosis that protects us.

The problem of asthma and cough will be reduced:
The orange peal powders remove the problem of cough. It also helps in relieving respiratory problems and asthma. Drink regular tea made of orange husk to get rid of these problems. After the orange peas, Morabba or tofio can be made. In that case, during the tea tea every morning, it is better to drink tea. Then disease will happen.

To remove the acid:
Orange oils contain large amounts of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory which help in elimination of stomach acidity. It also has an ingredient called D-limonene, which keeps intestines and liver function normal. And if its oil mixed with two water spots, then the problem of acidity can be gone completely.


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