Discussion of divorce in 2017

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In the outgoing year, many of the spectacular stars of Bangladesh in the year 2017 ended their marriage. These years have passed through many broken-yarns. This report is based on the widely discussed divorce and the separation of musicians.

Shakib Khan-Apu Biswas

Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, the top stars of Dhaliud, are leaked on April 10. Apu Biswas came to live on a television show and disclosed his long nine-year secret marriage. Apu Biswas came to live with his son Abraham Khan Joy. Then, on 28 October, Shakib Khan sent a notice of divorce to Apu Biswas, after the various raids.


Taasan-Mithila in love of love in 2004 This couple was married on August 3, 2006. The couple has a daughter named Tarrim Khan. On July 20 of this year, Tahasan-Mithila made an official end to their 11-year-old family. The divorce of the popular celebrity couple was a year of talk of the town.


Singer Habib Wahid received the second family with the daughter of Chittagong Rehana. The couple officially got divorced on January 26th. In 2011, singing a concert in Chittagong, Habib married Rehan secretly. In this world they have a son named Alim Wahid. According to the reason for separation, the relationship between model actress Tanjin Tisha was related to Habib's love. However, those relationships were later broken.

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