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Two years ago, I would never have thought that I would be a regular blogger. In May 2017, somewhere on Facebook, I opened a link about making money online. I got to know what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are. Unfortunately so late, especially since I've seen the Bitcoin logo somewhere on the internet before and not interested in the topic.

I created an account on the BitBay exchange and I paid symbolic $100 at the beginning. It was June 2017, a time of large increases in cryptocurrencies and I easily earned the first profits. I liked it and started to be interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At the time there were only 5 coins on BitBay and everyone was mainly delighted with LISK, this coin increased its value quickly. I felt a bit limited. I decided try to Bittrex exchange. In the fall of 2017, I was interested in the Steem project. Again a bit too late. Earlier, I often saw the symbol of STEEM token at exchanges and did not know what the project was. It was a breakthrough. I met the first cryptocurrency I could really use for something, not just buy with the intention of selling. I am thinking that my previous passions may interest somebody there. I created an account with the name of my favorite astronomical forum. That's how it all started and lasts until today.
After a few days of waiting, I got the key to Steemit. The beginning was difficult. I had to learn everything from various types of guides of other users. I was noticed in a small group #polish. My first posts were not articles but only a series of pictures with a description. With time, I came to the fact that it is mainly a blog platform and I began to write more and more in my posts. The fans were coming, and I sat on the computer practically every day after work and wrote. Themes somehow came by themselves. The most enjoyable was getting votes. Evenings were marked by the creation of new articles, and the exchanges went to the background. At the beginning I sold the majority of STEEM and SBD tokens earned and I bought for them other coins. However, with time, when I got to know the Steem platform better, I understood what a revolution it is. No LISK or other project has such prospects. Steem has become a blockchain that I use every day!
After more than 20 months on the platform I have to say that it has become a form of additional work for me. A blogger's job at Steem is a forward-looking job. From an economic point of view, earnings are not high at the moment. It's better to use them to build your own STEEM POWER. Promoting your own brand here is a long and laborious process. I try to increase the quality of my articles all the time and try to get involved in the world by writing in English. I recommend everyone creates decent content, this is not a place to argue, but to create. I will always support people who build their accounts here with hard work. For me it was, is and will be a platform for writing. Another evening with Steem, my extra work at home. Maybe one day it will be my only job. Steem success is certain, we do not know only time and its exact scale. I believe in Steem, it only takes time to become more popular. Let's collect STEEM POWER. Let the good creators earn even better!

Thank you for reading!


The long-term mindset is everything. Steem token may not be too impressive right now but we've seen when it was worth several dollars and lots of posters were earning $1, $5, even $10+ with every post.

I believe that such price STEEM will come back.

There are very few platforms that make Blockchain Technology the most functional today. Steemit was very successful. Very good place in the Steemit platform for being creativity and brand. An ideal area for Blogger

“A blogger’s job at Steem is a forward looking job.” 🤩👌 I could not have said it better. I look forward to writing every day. I hope with all my heart for you that one day it will be your only job, if it is what your heart desires the most💜

Thanks :) Earning for life from a blog here is a dream. Maybe the price of STEEM token in the future will allow :D

Hoping so too:)

Let's collect STEEM POWER. Let the good creators earn even better!
I very much agree with your point of view.

You have a very good profile and you write good articles. I'll give you some tips. Use tags rated by curators. Tags for high quality posts:

Use free photos from sites like or your own.

Here you will find information on what codes to use to create nicer posts: Tips for formatting your post

I will support you because you do a good job and earn little. Good luck! :)

Thank you for sharing, I'm also an inspiring blogger. Looking forward to the journey :)

Great post! I especially agree with your words that "this isn't a place to argue, but create."

I joined Steemit back in November, and for me, it hasn't been about the earnings so much as about the knowledge. I've learned so much about favorite hobbies like photography and history - a true window on the world :)

I joined steemit when I returned from the mandatory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in my country, a one year task for every young graduate in Nigeria to carry out. At this point of return, every youth is anxious about what is going to happen next in life, considering the unemployment plague in the country.

I was in dire need of a job, so I could raise money and start a business. A friend chatted me up and told me: Wakky I know you scribble stuff a lot, check out the steemit site, you can earn there too.

I heard earn, and I got interested. I had never written on any social media platform prior to this time, all my scribbling were done offline.

I came and found a community where I could build my dreams brick by brick, where I could write and read things I couldn't say to myself. Well, that made me stay. Yeah the money helped too.

The past months have been difficult for me though, lots of energy sapping events have taken place in my life, I even lost my motivation at a point.. But people kept reaching out and no matter how far away I seemed, I always found my way back.

Steemit is home. It made me see dreams that used to exist on my lips only. The pay may be little now, but I still see the light, and I'm down.

Once I've fully recovered my inspiration, I'll ride this till the pipe smokes.. 😂
Thanks for this timely piece.

Sorry I came blogging on your blog ✌

I really enjoyed this. Your writing style is easy to follow and digest. Bravo. Happy to hear of your success!

Thank you. Nice to hear that. I am trying to create high quality articles even though I am not good at English and I use the translator.

Congratulations on your achievements. It's really difficult to continue writing for such a long time, it's even tougher when you going to take writing as your profession.

Thanks :) That would have to be really profitable. At the moment is it my additional occupation.

I think engagement matters to build your " brand". It's basically like any other blogging platforms when it comes to building an audience.

Good Luck!

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