7 Unknown Reasons Why Everyone Must Have a Blog to Be Successful in Life

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I have many blogs, Facebook pages, and Youtube channels. I have got various things in the pipeline and I work on them simultaneously. Each of my digital assets has different niches. For instance, this blog is for Google Sheets tutorials, templates, and printables.

When I started blogging the only thing I wanted to do was make money online via Google Adsense. Later on, I realized other than making money there are many perks of being a blogger.

There are many aspiring bloggers who want to start a blog but they don’t know why they want to start a blog. In Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” the author emphasizes knowing – why do we do what we do?

It isn’t applicable to a blog only, it could be a Youtube channel, a Facebook page or an Instagram page, or anything else. But for now, let’s discuss why everyone should have a blog.

1 Self-Improvement


From content creation to content distribution bloggers need to do many tasks. We need to do content writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, email list building, backlinking, outreach, audience engagement, guest blogging and there are many such things.

Let me list down few things which we can learn and improve while blogging,

Google Sheets

I always try to improve my Google Sheets formulas to make them simpler, speedy, and user-friendly. We can simplify and automate daily mundane tasks with the help of Google Sheets’ formulas, templates, and scripts.

I learn more through feedback, comments, and requests I get on my articles and Youtube videos. By creating and upgrading templates, I am getting better at Google Spreadsheets.

This blog encourages me to learn about various topics for my next blog post and Youtube video.

I want to speed up my learning pace and this blog works as a motivational factor or we can say it fuels me to strive for progress. It not only helps me upgrade my Google Spreadsheets’ knowledge but it helps me upgrade various other aspects I’ve listed below.

Digital Marketing

There are two aspects of Digital Marketing Organic and Paid. To get more eyeballs on blogs I need to share my content on different platforms and to increase my reach I need to pay these platforms.

I’ve been doing both organic and paid promotions to increase my blog traffic. It’s my blog and I am free to test various things, by tracking and analyzing my traffic sources and content I get to know things I need to work on to boost my traffic. By learning these things, I am becoming a better digital marketer.

Content Writing, Creation, and Distribution

To write good content we need to read blogs and do market research. We get to know different writing styles, words, and idioms which improves verbal and non-verbal communication.

Blogging isn’t about writing, we need to create blog thumbnails, GIFs, infographics, etc. As we work on these we get better at designing and creating. We need to make our graphics and writing attractive.

If we don’t share our blogs on the world wide web no one is going to read it, that’s why we need to do content distribution. We need to share our content on different social media sites and web 2.0 sites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To get organic and free traffic via search engines I need to do on-page and off-page SEO. It’s an ongoing work and that’s why I need to create content and backlinking to improve my search engine ranking.

WordPress Development and Design

I’ve been developing and designing my blog and I make changes to improve my user interface, user experience, conversion rate, etc. I have to perform various WordPress design and development tasks to make my blog load faster and appealing. It’s helping me get better at WordPress designing and development.

Overcome Inferiority Complex, Build Confidence & Inspiration


Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

When I get good comments on my blogs and Youtube channel, I get a sense of accomplishment. Likes, shares, and subscribers motivate me to create more blogs and videos, which helps me confront the Inferiority Complex and it boosts my confidence.

When I read other blogs, it inspires me to create content on similar topics. It also encourages me to learn skills, marketing, and content repurposing strategies to reach out to my audience on other platforms. For example, I would like to have a podcast and the community inspires me to learn how to start a podcast.

2 Monetization


Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

There are thousands of ways to make money online. This blog and my youtube channel can generate income for me.

I can monetize my blog with premium Google Sheets printables and templates for small and medium-scale businesses. These templates are helpful for various things such as crypto portfolio tracker, stocks portfolio tracker, business expenses tracker, employees attendance, sales tracking, and many more. It could be a complete business automation solution. Entrepreneurs can simplify and automate micro-managerial tasks.

Along with paid templates, I am looking forward to doing some affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and Google Sheets’ courses on Udemy.

3 Branding and credibility

Content and content marketing builds your credibility and trust in the marketplace. People start to recognize you and your brand when they consume your content. Your blog increases your brand awareness and consideration.

I can get more clients because people can trust me. They can easily determine what things I can do and what things I can’t do and whether I am a fit for their project.

When my prospect requires Google Sheets’ services they can connect with me via my Google spreadsheets video tutorials and blog. I will have an edge over my peers because of brand awareness.

4 Full control over your digital asset

When we use third parties services like Google Adsense, Youtube, or other sources we have limited control. We depend on a third party to earn money.

For example for Youtube monetization every year you must have 4000 minutes of watch time plus you should get 1000 new subscribers. In this case, Youtube has full control over your income, if they want to increase it to 10000 watch time and 5000 new subscribers, they can do it anytime.

On the other hand, a blog is an asset that we can control. We can collaborate with brands and negotiate prices. We can test many monetizations like affiliate marketing, Google Adsense alternatives, CPA, etc to get the most out of our content.

Having our own blog means having full control over what we want to show on our blog and how we want to earn money. It simply means my blog, my rules.

You can make some tweaks with UI and UX to increase your subscribers, email list and promote your own products. By having a blog you have many options to connect with your audience and monetize your content.

5 Connect with the community

This blog helps me in making new connections and friends. I can get opinions on my videos and blogs to improve myself and create more useful and informative articles, and videos.

I’ve learned a lot from various Google Sheets and Excel Forums and blogs. Via this blog I am contributing a bit to the growth of the community, I would like to solve problems in my way (might not be the best way) but I could add my perspective on how I do it in Google Sheets. I can give solutions to new Excel and Google Spreadsheets users.

6 Help businesses & individuals

Every day millions of people seek solutions on Google, I hope my spreadsheet video tutorials will be helpful for some of them. Through my content, I can help people who are seeking solutions to their spreadsheet problems.

I can provide services to businesses to automate their business via Google Spreadsheets. Anyone can get started with free spreadsheet templates because they are easy to understand, easy to customize, and we don’t need to start from scratch.

7 Online Resume/CV


Photo by Lukas from Pexels
It’s the digital era and everything is getting digital, even CVs and Resumes. There are plenty of WordPress themes where we can showcase our projects and portfolio along with the skill sets we possess.

Through blogs, you can attract job offers. A successful blog is more valuable than any resume will ever be because people get to know about you and your personality. A blog can make an impression on your employer.

A blog can work as an online CV or resume. Anyone can access your blog and see what you are capable of, what’s your worth, do you fit in their requirements, and how your skills will be helpful for their business growth. A blog could be a medium to land your dream job.

As a picture is worth thousands of words, a blog is worth thousands of resumes.

A blog opens up a range of opportunities. A blog helps you in improving yourself, landing your dream job (freelancing projects), connecting with people (community), and making money online.

If you are expecting overnight success, blogging isn’t for you because it involves hard work, dedication, and consistency.

If you are starting a blog for making money online only, you will be disappointed because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. But if you are a business owner you must have a blog to increase your website traffic, credibility, and sales.

If you want to start a blog, start it now because there are opportunities waiting for you and people need your voice, your opinions, and your content.


This blog is originally written on my blog yogeshshinde.co

What are other things you have learned and benefited because of blogging? Let me know in the comment.

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