Vidyapati and Chandidas

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The inspiration of Videotape's first life came from Deejay's song-Golconda. Rabbi Natividad barbaric has been seen in the chit of the sentence, the fame of the rhythm and the classical hero-heroine painting of ornaments. His listeners, the great scholars of Shinning, Machiavelli and Thalami, In no place, he could not be exempted if he had mischief of speech and rhythm of poetry.

Natividad herself was well-versed and had composed many poems in Sanskrit; His father was born in Ravish Pundit dynasty. (He had got the title of Rad ha-Krishna's name, 'Nikolayev', for the space and the utensils, but Chandigarh introduced himself as a Purina Brahman (Basilius-Pujaq).

He was not absolutely scholarly - it can be said. Although he did not write the text of Deejay for some time in his early years, he soon left the imitation instinct. In his heart, Bharti Devi herself sat on the Padmaasan and gave a language of poetry in her mouth. After achieving this achievement in the poetic world, all the poetry and poet went beyond the region of fame.

Rad ha-Orphanage narrated by Videotape-based forester, heroine of the scripture With the name of Rad ha and Rad ha, we feel that the Holy Leela remembered and offered the sacrifice for Manias-Poona, she did not have the length in the per-portrait of Natividad. The companions are also clinging their foreheads, and Radiators are asking for a lot of questions about their love for Kampala lentils;

In the same place, the Bravado Saturn is revealing and revealing itself. Seeing Radicchio on this philosophy, face-to-face with a lot of humor, and soon after seeing Radicchio, in the wrong way, she said, Where has she ever been a god.Where and where did you get it Indeed, he has found any god, man and he can not reach him. He can not stand still with the sinners and speak for a moment