Regency the first chapter

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(At this point it is necessary to say that the name of the following passage and variation is given in the main granularity, it is difficult to put it right now. The explanation will be heart-breaking. Therefore, in this chapter, I am going to compile the words of the main book in most places. He has to be written in a way translated.

Fundamentalism ambassadors, trio, message and penalty principles to calculate these four disciplines)) Elderly connection ie connecting the Prince with the great scholar). Conquer the sense. Recognition ie the appointment of Amritshabs). Minister and ministerial recruitment. In the absence of miscarriage or immodesty, cleanliness and non-sexual examination. (7) recruitment of deep-seated men (8) Explanation of the secret or the work of the secret agent.Maintenance of authority and non-government in Swarm Collective and unauthorized collection of enemy. (11) The Ministry (12) Encyclopaedia The king's protection (that is, the King's defense from the sons of the prince). (14) Use of blocked prince (towards father). Father's use of blocked prince. The royal princess or the king's activism. (17) The event of the Nishantapani or Raj Bhavan. self defense.
This eightth edition has been discontinued in the first elevation called Beniyadhikaran.

[Missing next 3 pages. Here the talk of the title-second, and the second, the Holy Qur'an-was mentioned. There are 38 and 19 variations respectively. If you can retrieve the pages then this type of list will be typed. This is not something urgent for now.]

(The name of the 13 variables referred to in the fourth floor of the thornbush is given, namely-
Protecting from the curved. (Ii) Protecting from the rights of the intellectual or business. subdivision or misdemeanor remedies. Confirmation of livelier. The publication of the mischief by the intriguing assassins. Threats, thieves and thieves by the crew Examination of dead or unexpected deaths Punishment (or investigations) of sentences and deeds. (9) All kinds of maintenance or control. Detention and its expulsion. The provision of purity and image bar. (12) Kanya Prakarma. he penalties of exclusion.
This thirteenth variation has been distorted in the fourth tract of the thornbush.

(Here, in the fifth episode of the Yogyuta - ie, which means that there are ceremonies of incantations, the names of the seven types of names are being recorded, namely-
The Rule of Application of Penalties Extra collection of cells. (3) Fill the servant. Shastri or use of Rajputs. (5) Time or system behavior. The state's quest (that is, to do things of the minister's job-thinking). (7) Integrity (that is, the establishment of a prince's throne).
These seven variations have been identified in the fifth lighthouse called yogreshta.

These two variations have been identified in the Mandalay-Sixth Tavern.

A short introduction to seed (Ii) decay, space, (adjustment) and growth must surely , their nature-determination).Prohibition of scholarship. (4) Quality of equality, lack and more. Hun's to do the joints.Passing the seat (home country). Seat seats. (8) Attempted drive. (9) Joint commission. (10) Mercury together with Hairpin Concerns of mission or adventure towards charity and Dmitri (12) Due to the erosion, greed and disorder of nature-class. (13) Omayyad Ramakrishna Guru's trivial judgment. (14) The death of the King (enemy and the biz gill). Matched, calculated and retired joints. (16) Dividend war and Buckram (or Vigil). Hiragana-Jan, Land and jurisdiction Wishlist's (21) Fulfill of powerlessness (22) For the sake of the rivalry with the force of Medium scholarships Occupation of indecency (29) Occupation of the circle.
This latest variation has been discussed in the Seventh Planet called the 60-fold.
The nature men of nature. (2) Disagreements about the king and the kingdom. The oppressed. The stages of the rituals , the interference of the king's action of the obstacle, the cell walls .
The All-Stars, this eight variations have been explained in the eighth law of the prosecutor.


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