Jibanananda Das in the wilderness story

in #blog3 years ago

I know your two eyes today
Find me and the world's after-
I stopped in silence, the only hope was
The leaves are in grass
Dry Mignon torn inside; - Trivial
Came to the forest of today's world;
Before we all lay down, we both feel in frustration
Yet; He said, 'all over the grass
Sprinkled leaves
What is this calmness in the face?
The evening is dark
Spreads in the water; For a while, thwart obscurity
Walked into the world, the chicks have flown off-the fog of the fog
On the way
A couple of visits to the majors; Exciting
Slowly in the collar floating in the evening
Tubular with the wind in the air
Darkness goes down the road;
Many past of our lives
Range now
There are sticks in the wicker foil
Those birds are those far away paddy fields,
Chhatkuramakha tired Samara branch;
Frigid heart of blossoming grass
Like silence is spreading
Today in the heart today .. walk
No words today
Not ours; On the edge of the field
Haul hobble
fallen down; The straw has come in the carriage and the rickshaw
The tears of the day folded on the hairs;
The insect feathers in the sun around the water
They are like lamps
What is the free sky in the shade of rice?
happens; Time also-The particle of consciousness hope to love him
She is a traditional person because she has been holding; but this is a failure
The idea
Removed the girl from her skin
Selection of a thorny star star
That has been removed from the clear upheaval
Okay - there's a lot of fun
Not in love or love . The whole tree is its own
Silence in development