I do not want to get it

in #blog3 years ago

Today is the seventh day of my cancer life.
Dad did not dare to give me the news.
Sarina tells me my leukemia
I could not understand how to laugh.
I do not want cancer. Then why is he so
Real to me I am another
Someone wanted ... I do not want to get it.
Eventually I stopped going to school.
Increasing bleeding. What is so gorgeous Once school
I used to pretend fever to fever. More
Now to stay healthy to go to school
have to do . Poetic Justice Looks like cancer
A man's past knowledge comes from news.
This one does not like rain once. But now
It seems rain is your own. The sun seemed unbearable.
Sun is my inability to me
Reminds me of.
Today my friends came to see me. Divine,
Mountain, Sunny, Rio after a long time
Have a good time. But where to go
Surat is cut. I know they're terrified me
Love Sunny my eyes
Did not look at Maybe in shame
The relationship has ended nearly three months. Me
Sunny gradually moved away.
I know he started dummy date and now.
It seems like they are open to me
Could have The right to listen to the truth
What does a cancer patient do? Everyone is like that
Why acting?