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A month back I posted about my day spent on a variety of Steam trains as part of the Keighley & Worth Valley Spring Gala 2019

The event talked a lot about ‘Steam Power’ and it did make me smile a familiar smile.

Well, here is the final video that was produced from the day, which I was pleased to shoot.

It was a very very wet day but I got the best coverage I could.

The video was edited by Tom from Summit Visions who is the guy I was shooting for, as he is the one currently undertaking all the Worth Valley video work.

I find it can be a bit tricky taking someone else’s shots and weaving them together in a new edit - but I think he did a cracking job of this.

He basically made a very damp and cold day look rather quaint and attractive :)

Well done that man!

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I can tell there were a lot of passionate Steam enthusiasts there. Always good to see people enjoying their passion/hobbies in your videos. And that real ale looks good!

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That’s a great observation @cryptocurator - the people I shoot tend to be really interested in what they’re doing! Never thought if it that way. Mate - real ale on a train like that blew my mind!

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Great video @ashtv and these old steam locomotives are amazing units!

for me it would be weird to give someone shots i made for them to edit. most of the times i am not sure what i want to do, i feel they would have real problems :D
some shots work good in this weather. maybe there was a bit less light for some?


When there is a brief it can be easier to shoot for someone else’s requirements!
But it’s not always easy.
Yeah there wasn’t enough light for a few indoor shots. I’m surprised they were used in the edit but equally it’s not always an exercise in technical quality but more one of conveying the mood of the day.
Cheers for the comment as ever :)

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