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August 31st was my last night as a manager. That's the night I met Scotty Lobdell. For those of you who don't know this man he's a writer, a lot of my comic book buddies will know this name well. Anyways, I never approach celebrities that use to dine at our restaurant, but since this was the last night- what the hell!

I interrupted his meal and his date just to tell him I was a fan and one of my boyfriend's favorite comic book was Age of Apocolypse.

Scotty was so incredibly friendly to me and took out a napkin (apologized that it wasn't a comic) drew a Beast portrait and signed it for my boyfriend George.

It was really cool of him to do that. Well, I left him alone for the rest of the night, and I posted the cherished napkin on my Instagram. He found it and invited my boyfriend and me to Comic Con as his personal guest.

So it's Saturday and George, and I arrive and not only does he get us in, he introduces us to other amazing comic writers and incredible artists. Then he signs his latest comic made out to me and one to George.


My first day as a free woman started off in a positive upswing.

Then we get home, and I suddenly realize- HOLY CRAP- I didn't get paid today!

This was the moment when everything about my situation finally became real. The fear crawled out of the darkness and started choking me, screaming: "You're an idiot, how are you going to pay your bills? You just wasted your day enjoying Comic Con- you fool!"

So I made myself a schedule to keep me on track, to keep me motivated and to make sure I have some structured discipline in my life.


I'm writing everything down in this note book, like a check-off list and I've made a place to write notes of the day, so I can compare and see what times I'm more creative, what times I'm not and then possibly change my schedule around them.


I'm even keeping track of expenses for every day as well. It's still a working process, but I felt ready to go! I was prepared to make Sundays my relax days, but I felt so behind that I said: "To hell with that, let's get some work done!"

Sunday came, and I didn't do so well. First thing in the morning I went to this great gym called NerdStrong.

Here is a link to their website, check it out and be destroyed. In a good way. :

But I haven't been back to this place since I started working at my restaurant over a year ago and I accepted the challenge to participate in a Viking-themed work out which kicked my ass.

I was angry for the entire day afterward and immensely sore. This threw me off, and I clearly failed to achieve the rest of my goals that day.


Monday- today- I slept in, and it's all because I feel like a car ran over me- GAAAA!

I woke up at 8 am and took an hour salt bath to soak my aching muscles, but then I worked out for 30 minutes afterward-despite the pain, and I'm racing to finish the rest of my goals today.

Wheres that discipline I wanted?

I'm hoping tomorrow puts me back on track.


Awesome meeting Scott and getting to network with other creators! The comics industry is still one of the most welcoming and friendly around I feel, even as it's clout with movies and television has grown.
Congrats on the struggles of self employment. I'm hoping to do the same in the next few years. Despite the setback now, I'd definitely stick with the workouts. I think it'll end up serving you well in the long run.

Thank you. :)
I'll keep up with the workout, it's important to stay active and healthy. Good luck to you as well!

Nerdstrong is the most awesome gym ever!

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