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Last night was the busiest delivery night since the first night I started, it started off slow but by the time I finished I had clocked up 30 deliveries and that for me is 6 more than my personal best.


I met some interesting people on my travels and if you know me I do like to talk to everyone I meet.

I came back from a delivery and there was this woman in the shop she had ordered food and was waiting for it to cook, I walked in and could see that she was getting a little impatient, The guys who were in the shop are from Iran and to talk faster to one another they speak their home language.
To lighten the mood I said to the lady "I can translate what they are saying for you if they want" which she responded "really"
so as they guys talked among themselves I made up a load of bull about cars and finding money in nude modelling, she started to laugh. I had lightened the mood.
then my boss made a mistake, "drew is this your mum"
What a mistake to make this woman was about 10 years older than me and she did not like to hear this. I said to him "you need some glasses, my friend.

It was my last delivery of the night and these I always seem to get strange people answer the door, and this night was not an exception, I rang the doorbell to no answer, so I began to knock, the louder I got I thought they would be able to hear me.
I rang the number to wake a guy who said he had forgotten that he had ordered food and was asleep, the food was paid for he said hang on a second.
I heard running down the stairs then the key in the door. then the shock as he answered the door in nothing. I passed him his food and said to him "in all the time I have delivered pizza I have never had a naked man answer the door" he looked down at himself and then looked at me and said "well merry fucking Christmas" laughed and then closed the door.
I found it funny and told the guys back in the shop, they laughed and said that he does that every time when he orders pizza, I said to them "I would hate to know how he answers the door to the postman"

Crazy shift, a lot of driving.

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Gotta love naked men

Thanks for the heads up
Super awesome! :)

"Merry fucking Christmas!" What a card! :-)

Thanks for the heads up
Super awesome! :)