Making handling social media easier!

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Is social media all that it’s cracked up to be? How can you make it more effective? How much more ‘juice’ can you squeeze out of it?


Keeping `our-fingers-in’ the social media `pie’!

It’s hard work, to keep up with writing and updating on each and every social platform… often and regularly. It will drive you crazy, stretching your efforts beyond what you can handle and endure over a long term.  

Pinpoint the need:

Decide which social media platform suits your type of ‘product’ or your website’s theme. 

Then select only a few, and check out their forte’ before you sign in. Those, which you think are in your `groove’ (your niche theme) and the people there could possibly require your `product’. And work on them to see what the participation response is really like.  

In my case, when I first started out, I bought a couple of books on running websites and social marketing. I checked out their suggested social websites and found out not all of them worked for me. For example: After a few years, this is the feedback I got: 

  • Reddit 55%, Direct 52%, Referrals 42%, WordPress 28%, Stack Exchange 8.3%, Twitter 6.7%, FaceBook 1.7%  Notice no Linkedin feedback! 
  • Surprise: Notice Twitter and FaceBook are way down at the bottom. Reddit I signed up for, but never worked on! And Stack Exchange I hadn’t yet sign up for! 
  • From that, you can see I had to double back to see why they worked or didn’t work for me. 

`Milking’ the ones that really participate:

Check on Link-backs and remarks: 

  1. What are they mostly interested in? Can I give them more of the same? And how long can I do that? 
  2. Which group participates the most? What type of group is it? What are they expecting to see, read or buy into? 
  3. What country do you get the most visitors from? What is their style and traditional way of doing things? What do they need most? 

Following up activities:

I found if you make lists of your future blog activities, you start to cope better.  

Like for instance, because you are so busy with this and that, your blogs get lost on your computer. You can’t remember which folder you put them under and in which order you planned to use them. 

So it’s wise to keep a written list of blogs lined up ready to post. Not on your computer, but on a writing pad. 

  • I list them according to which day of the week I plan to post them. 
  • At first a blog may just have a proposed title. Against that one I will state what else I have to do to complete it. 
  • And before posting a blog, just check it over to see if you need to make some changes or perhaps you left out an important fact or two. 


If you prepare in advance, you don’t feel pressured. And it’s comforting to know you have some blogs lined up ready to use, in case you have to go on holiday and can’t post how and when you please. But the fact you know you have stuff, that can be posted quickly under difficult circumstances, makes things easier for you. 

Okay. Surprisingly and strangely, you begin to find out that putting things order, gives you spare time to fill in with keeping touch socially, or time out shopping, housework or whatever. Suddenly you wondered why you struggled so much to keep in touch before! 


Strange world .. it is impossible imagine now a person who has not some page in social networks .. are there still people who lives only in real life ? ))

I still live a real world, because I don't check up on all the social media platforms all the time. If I did I wouldn't have time to write something worthwhile on Steemit. :D Hehe!!
As an artist I must have time to paint too! So choose what you like doing most and have fun been alive, is my motto.

great reply and gives me some idea, where am I .

Blem tips, keeping track of posts and blogs can get confusing.

I am new. I like your post.

Yes, keeping track on blogs does get confusing. I still miss read my list now & again, but I must say my written list is a great help.

Great read thank-you. Social media sure is a mouldy old nut to crack, I use FB and Instagram and am new here. To date I have the most success/interaction, notice I don't say sales, with FB. To be honest an awful lot of work for very little return but I cannot think of another way to connect with a worldwide audience! I am an Artist/Writer like you and am keen to connect with likeminded folks I have upvoted and followed. Happy posting! Aaaaargh! xox

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That’s amazing, thank you for this and for all your inspiration!

This is nice @artguru
I am not really functioning on some social medias like the facebook and twitter.
Some years back I do post my motivational quotes on facebook and twitter but I realized, facebook is becoming fashion page where pictures and events are published. I also see many non serious people there... My quotes seems not to work on them. I wish to write and make impacts in life. Then I decided to move on.
There are different motives in doing something. When you aren't achieving that goal, then setting another plan is necessary.
Here on Steemit.. I am finding it more comfortable...
. I write posts.
. I see serious people around...
. I read posts like this that can be benefiting
Though I'm still a minnow but With these things and posts like this, it's getting easier day by day.

Looking forward to more of your posts

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