Facts on internet marketing (as requested)

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Whichever way you look at it, you’ll never sell anything, unless you understand the concept on how it really works on the internet!

The reason I’m making this blog post is because of cryptogirly92’s comment on the last blog post: 

Sorry but an important part is marketing. You can have the best content, if you have zero reach or you reach the wrong people, like on steem, than you earn nothing/earn just a couple views. Please make another article about right marketing to a good content.”

So let’s start at the beginning: 

There has been different marketing methods: 

  1. Literary media: Advertising products sold directly from your shop or business, though newspapers, magazines, etc. 
  2. General internet presence: Purely for selling of products and services. Each website specializing according to their niche. 
  3. Social media: Images and facts on skills and talents, sports activities, entertainment and fascinating hobbies, recipes, health tips and advice, etc.

 I must say: Marketing on the internet these days (business or  for websites) is done mostly through social media channels. 

Technology advancement has freed up marketing behaviour: 

You have to be `on the ball’ to keep up with the new ideas on marketing strategies that we are experiencing these days. 

For example: Artists used to have a gallery outlet to get well known. Because of the high commission percentage the gallery owner were taking, it’s now cheaper for the artist can promote themselves through running their own websites and advertising themselves on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. 

  • If you take that for an example, the internet has leveled the play-field dramatically between large businesses and the `man in the street'. 
  • The interaction between the consumer and the `seller’, has changed drastically as well! The seller has to be more humble than dogmatic to meet the consumers’ needs.
  • The internet also provides the bad and ugly, along with the good. It’s up to you to provide what people are looking for. It’s not all about you and your product… it’s a balancing act

It’s how you put yourself across that counts: 

The old saying is: “You can’t sell your goods, until you sell yourself.” 

  1. To make your website interesting and worthy of attention, you have to be awesome, do awesome things and produce awesome stuff. 
  2. Your readers trust you, if you provide honest stuff, things that help and benefit others. 
  3. You reel them in by appealing to their hearts, senses and emotions. You are talking to people, not robots! 

Whatever your niche: 

It’s how you relate to your readers and followers. Some people call this social CRM (Customer Relations Management). 

  • Working on tools and platforms that suit your niche. 
  • How you create a fantastic presence on the internet. 
  • Offering quality products and valued content. 
  • How you act on feedback. Collaboration, engagement and Interaction curation. 

Going the extra mile to satisfy people: 

Free up on constraints. Make it easier for them to read through your blogs. 

  • Leave behind slow winding dribble. Use shorter sentences where possible. The shorter the sentences are, the quicker the action. 
  • `Oil the wheels’: Make it easier for people to follow what you are saying. Don’t use long boring paragraphs. Get to the point. Make clear `jacked-up’ statements. Then back-up on what you declare. 

Take people down memory lane:

  • Use words everyone understands. Jargon that appeals to their senses and emotions. Humour helps to jar peoples’ memories. 
  • Images make things easier to remember facts. Like simple diagrams and demos. 
  • Remember it’s not about the product, it’s about how you say it, describe and do it. How much expression (voice and waving of hands) do you use when you are talking to a group of your friends? How do you re-act (act) in a one-to-one situation? Folks don’t appreciate boring people. They remember those who are fun to be with. 

Supplying WOW-moments: 

Some facts may seem `old-hat’, but sometimes, we suddenly catch-on and have a WOW-moment, especially, when things are put across in a different way. Then the pure concept begins to have a whole new meaning. And your mind starts racing down exciting new avenues. So much so, that you can’t hardly wait to try out the ‘new theory’ for yourself! 

Hope this blog post was helpful: 

This blog is very basic. There is a lot more to write and discuss about marketing. This is only the beginning. So I will fill you in, blog by blog. So stick around...


A lot of what you say has to do with keeping your audience once you got them in. I feel marketing is all about getting them in the door. On steem (and most places online) that is all about the title and your cover picture.

Any thoughts/advice about titles and pics?

just like in YouTube...Title and Thumbnail are very important and necessary. But still going back to the main concept of target market, we must carefully study their behavior.

My next blog post will deal with titles. Titles has a lot to do with marketing, as it set the bar, to catch the attention of people seeing your 'newspaper' headlines.

Really great post & really well written!
I've actually been wanting to know more about internet marketing so this is really interesting to me. Thanks for sharing & you've gained yourself a new follower :)

Good post

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Great post man learn a lot about marketing thanks for sharing such a knowledge with us waiting for another post :)

useful knowledge

really great post as a Digital marketer i do remember all these points :)

Sorry, I've been away. But thanks for your comment. When we share stuff, there is always something we learn, we hadn't considered before.

Wow this is gorgeous 😍

The first sentence of this article speaks volume when it comes to marketing. Great article and I'll look forward to hearing more about market in this crazy world we call the web.

Very interesting and useful! Thank you!

This is a great post! My husband had worked, full time, as internet marketer from the past 12 years, and I can relate to everything you covered in this post. Keep sharing!
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Love your animated attention getter. We can learn from that too.

Yes u can totly use the lessons ur husband learned as an internet marketer and apply them here to steemit

we NEED that knwoledge and wisdom from an internet marketer! we NEED it to market and spread stem! the more people joinsteemit the higher the steem price can go!

YES YES YES STEEM GO GO GO! we can do it!

Up up up !

this seems to be a delicious bread thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts.
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i agree all of your points which you explore in this post about marketing internet , upvote this post dear 100% and resteeming it , thanks for this

i agree with u unto there is still alot to write and discuss on marketing

very informative post.. learned a lot.. thanks

Great advice and very useful information! Honest writing gains readers, I agree. Thank you @artguru Upvoted and following.

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Really great post & really well written how can I do the same

I hope, what I write about, will continue to help you.

This post deserves an upvote and to be resteem. Done.

Yes ive been trying to tell everyone oveer at #photography to justtake the top posts from reddit.com like reddit.com/r/earthporn and just repot it to steemit to get the BEST contentthat reddiit already gets, wel reddit always repsts everyting anyways lets respost THEIR stufff to here THAT way we wnt miss anything!!!!!



here just a few examples u can use....

just take top posts on reddit and repost em like five at a time like i have been doing check my recent posts on my blog! it works! and reddit takes content and reposts so we can too! dot feel bad!

lets market the SHIt out f steemit!
im gona pay for billbaords and radio ads for steemit in Africa with @tj4real and @xpency and here in the states im gonna pay for a Youtube Ad for steemit that explains steempower and how it works

Much of what you say has to do with keeping your audience once you get it. I feel the marketing is all about getting them in the door. On the steem (and most places online) which is all about the title and cover image for you.