Blogging and cake icing!

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Are your blogs bland and boring? Want to know how to make them sizzle? Here is what you do… 

Reaction to cakes:

  • Consider if you had to see a plain dry cake without icing, would you put out your hand and take a slice of it to eat? I don’t think so.  
  • Especially, if there was a lovely iced cake sitting right next to it, with cream and incredible edible decoration on it! That is the same with websites and blogs! 

People have free-agency to choose:

People are put off by empty or blare-blare blogs. People prefer what looks the most exciting and sensational… while looking for something interesting and informative. 

In fact:

People need to be seduced to click on and read a blog. 

So what entices people? 

Of cause the headline title must be eye catching and dynamic, and the sub-heading understandably directive of what to expect in the following blog. 

But, what then… What grips people’s attention at the outset? 

  • A sensational image! Something that affects and stirs people’s senses and emotions.
  • Something really exciting… juicy…creamy… Good enough to eat ?! 
  • Something dynamic and eye catching


I’m an artist, so of cause I would use paintings as an example! 

  • In paintings, warm colours contrasting with cool colours, affects people’s senses. 
  • And if there is a certain amount of blurring and blending of colours, it stirs people’s emotions and expectations
  • Enough detail to stir people’s imagination and selected highlights to direct the plot to the main point of interest, which should stand out in dramatic contrast to the ambiance of the atmospheric background and surroundings. 

Compare that to a `cake’ blog:

  • The sensational impact of colours and contrasts grabs people attention. 
  • The details of sub-headings grip and lead people onward and downwards through the contents of the blog. 
  • And the main objective of your topic is the `cherry-on-the-top’ of your blog’s cake. Also  dynamic supplied punchlines make the blog worth reading. 
  • The raisins or nuts in your cake are a bonus. So too are the exciting facts in your blog that people can `drool’ over. 
  • Additional paintings (demos or photos) within the blog, is like a layered cake with icing in between! 

Haha, I love that analogy to cakes, it's very meta! What practical advice. Thanks for sharing this!

I read that first paragraph when I was eating a dry cake and almost spat it out. I am new to Steemit and this information will def come in handy.

My biggest takeaways are

  • add some punch to your writing.
  • add some visuals.
  • add some exciting facts.
  • add some contrast.

I'd also add one.

  • Master Markdown and format well.
    or two :)

  • great grammar.

Thanks @artguru for another great post.

The same can be said about bread! If you have a bland colourless bread, no one (or I) would not look at it. But if you have a good looking bread, with a nice tear and ear and some colour (i.e. darker baked spots) you would for sure sell it! Great analogy with the cake. Great read. Thank you for sharing :D

adding materials that makes the blog appealing is great, make it catchy and beautiful

Loved the way drew parallels between a cake and a blog.
Like you said.
A good title,An attractive cover image,Useful content and the right tags can really do wonders when it comes to blogging.
I Enjoyed reading this piece.
You really owned it.

WOW! Thank you
Thank you thank you thank you

This post is exactly what I was looking for as I start out.
And as I was reading everything you said was true about this post - great teachers show what to do rather than tell others what to do. Beautiful pantings too. I'll be testing out some of these things to try and make my posts better -

Thanks for the tips.........learning and resteemed for others who wants to learn

Your blog has been a lot better. Especially the example you gave is very good.

Love all the art analogies, great read and helpful as well.thanks

personally for me, this is valuable advice, since my blog is not popular ... I liked the comparison with the cake, it's witty .. you all right explained, I'll draw from your advice a favor, thank you and have a nice day

Very creamy post, much cakey, wow

i must confess - you are proffesional. Pointed so many tiny details... incredible allegory

love the analogy! on my blog, I love to add a lot of photos - they are good not only for SEO purposes, but it also makes the reading experience more pleasant.

Wow what an awesome masterpiece 😎

nice information

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I am working towards this. I hope my posts are becoming more alive, as they say keep at it, you'll get better, the only failure it to stop trying.

if you will give this post a listen I hope it inspires, but may lack the zip your are talking... I will keep trying!

Good writing,wonderful blog.

This is a great post @artguru, I really appreciate that you spend alot of time trying to help others improve their blogs, I always find them hugely beneficial.

Haha i love that!!!

it's very meta

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