Make Virtue Your Shield

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In our times, people are made to believe that striving for virtue is old-fashioned, and there is nothing wrong with indulging in every weakness they can think of. Even more, young people whose minds are easily swayed, are encouraged to try as many ‘forbidden’ things as possible as a social trend. The only true reason behind this is to secretly disempower people and keep them small. Those who succumb to vices will not be able to rise to the level of warriors and heroes. They will not be able to become the force for change this world needs.

The Path of self-mastery and uncovering your Purpose is steep and challenging. Oftentimes, to break through to a higher level may require all the power you can muster.

The warrior is acutely aware of that and so he makes sure to avoid the attitudes that would diminish or destroy his inner strength. In some schools of thought, such attitudes as referred to as ‘sins’. The truth is, these errors should be eschewed not because they are displeasing to some deity but because practising them breaks you from the inside.

Erroneous attitudes fall into three categories:
  •  Cardinal Errors
  •  Self-Sabotaging Traps
  • Personal Sacrifices

Cardinal Errors

The first category is pivotal. The Cardinal Errors are soul and mind-destroying. A mistake made on that level can set you back for years, or even become ruinous for your current life.

He who commits a Cardinal Error betrays his true nature and turn away from the Light within. By doing so, he sets himself on the path of disempowerment and degradation, where each step begets the next. It is generally impossible to come out of that trap within one lifetime.

– Betrayal of others –

If you betray your comrades, friends or those who trusted you, there is no coming back. Once a traitor is always a traitor. Even if others forget what you did, or you move away to a place where nobody knows you, the shadow of your betrayal will follow you wherever you go. You will never be able to reclaim the purity and freedom of your previous self.

Your own mind will turn against you, developing subconscious self-loathing. Whether aware of that or not, deep down, you will start resenting and despising yourself for what you did. That inner conflict will lead to circumstances that will demean you, and pull you away from the Light. 

Always remember this when making choices. Even though a temptation may be strong, remind yourself that any benefits you may achieve from the dishonourable behaviour are temporary, but the price you paid will remain and grow bigger with time. 

– Betrayal of self –

Betrayal of yourself is settling for less than you deserve. It is doing something because it is convenient and not because it is right. You are a divine instrument of Light and so you should be mindful what you spend time on and who you share it with. 

 There are different levels here. Minor self-betrayal happens when you choose a job you don’t want or companionship that is below your station. Such choices trigger instant self-resentment from your true self. That pain will gnaw at you and if you don’t change your ways, it will eventually poison you from the inside and lead to a mental decay. However, at that level there is always an option to break free before it is too late. 

 You can use your level of depression to gauge how far you’ve strayed from your truth. The more severe the symptoms, the farther you have veered. You will notice that the symptoms will fade and finally disappear as soon as you put yourself back on the right course. Depression is a sign that your mind is at war with itself. It is an indicator of unrealised self-betrayal and self-loathing. 

The ultimate self-betrayal is when you choose to settle with a person who you know is not the one. It could be because of their looks, their willingness to share your bed, because it is convenient, to impress others or simply because of your hidden fear that you may not find anyone better. In any case, it is a deadly trap. Being with someone who is not your true mate will rob you of your personal dignity and with that – of your confidence, pride and true power. 

With the moment that you’re forced to marry that person, or when your relationship based on dishonest foundations produces children, you will feel as if a noose is tightening around your neck. Your life will turn into a torture chamber, in which you will be suffocating slowly, with no escape.

This parallel is not an exaggeration. Marrying the wrong person or having children with them is a mistake that you can never undo. It will permanently bring you down and leave you damaged, even if you decide to walk away after a while. Just as with an external betrayal, you will never be able to renounce you true freedom and joy once you’ve committed this Cardinal Error. 

Remind yourself that a life of pain is too high a price for any temporal carnal pleasures of social advantages. Doing so is like trading an entire fortune for a spoonful of sugar. The sweet taste will soon fade in your mouth and you’re left with nothing. 

Your inner freedom and integrity are your highest values, on which stands the entire edifice of your life. Never trade them for the cheap amusements of this world. Once you have lost them, you can never get them back.


 *Photo by Simeon Jacobson at Unsplash 


Wisest words I think I've read here on steemit in a long time. Bravo! Hold fast the shield of faith for it is a real treasure.

Thank you for your resteem and your kind words!

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