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Chemtrails in my city.

Hello community of readers, this time I come to share with you an arborescent point of view, in fact I personally make much emphasis on elucidating everything through this model of thought and not through a linear model, which is especially the model established in education through qualifying routines, exams and long years of effort. Not because of that thought I will interact with you, but rather through the connections of everything starting from a common point, the arborescence.


In my city MEDELLIN the saturation of gases and hydrocarbons is increasingly evident, although we all know that the industry is itself the producer of 60% of the emissions into the atmosphere, the population in general has very little or almost no healthy habit in terms of managing their environment (not to mention the industry that moves behind climate change, the sanctions imposed by the elites and the interim mismanagement), in this case the city of Medellín. But this is not where I want to emphasize, but rather in a growing and visible phenomenon-problem every day, the Chemtrails !.

Although the engine of the airplane generates physical, chemical and thermodynamic phenomena, the saturation of these during the last years in Medellín has been notable with a tendency to worsen.


The staging is sold under the excuse of climate change and is patented with the "SEEDING AND CULTIVATION OF CLOUDS", something that is laughable at a time when most of the information is at hand, excluding everything classified by the and the military and political elites.

Although on today's Internet with Google heading the list of search engines at least in this part of the world (west), is censored, I personally received 4 strikes in my Facebook account for publishing this, which questions me not that I censor if rather in the middle of so much content sexist, violent and empty, and censor what some call conspiracy theory, term coined and patented by the CIA in the 70s to discredit those who did not believe the story of the moon landing, I include myself.

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I am happy to share this with you and even more knowing that in your cities you commit that deliberate act without consent on our cities.

Not only MEDELLIN is sprayed with chemicals on a daily basis, all the most populated cities in the world present this same pattern, which by the way the night lends itself to not make noise visually and not see the traces of them.

Observing these same chemtrails, in the majority it can be perceived that they do not coincide with the routes of entry to the airport, at least those that can be seen during the day.

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I would like to know your opinion! I greet you, congratulations for reading! Remember that arborescence does not lead you to connect with everything external, it takes you to the internal connection, greetings