Spring Cleaning the islands

in blog •  11 months ago

The time comes when you have to just stop everything and spend some time cleaning....
It feels good to clean up my studio area and put the storage to work for me in setting up a creative space.
Screenshot (122).png

IN the quest to clean out the space I have found we have more supplies and resources than you would need on a Deserted island. We are sometimes surround in abundance and miss the view for all the clutter.

Screenshot (118).png

We are having a PotLuck party on 4/20 this year so that is a nice deadline to shoot for. I am inviting everyone to STEEM to join our blockchain Islands... If feels like we are all on our own little islands and we share out our little point of view.

Screenshot (117).png

So This will be my first STEEM party, I will try to get some video together for my vlog soon to share the progress I am making.

Thanks for dropping anchor and stopping by the Allowistic Islands in Abundance.

Screenshot (123).png

Images from my voyages on Sea of Thieves game.

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I appreciate your great thoughts. I prospect one day it will be true and we will make a steem party in blockchain island. Really awesome thoughts♥

Steemit 420 potluck! Damn that sounds fun! I wish I was in the area