"Holy shit!"An elderly man did not believe that he was 98 years old

in blog •  9 months ago

Users of social networks came to admiration from the 98-year-old man, who forgot how old he was, and very rapidly reacted when he was called his age.

The video was published on YouTube by the old man's son. At the beginning of the video, the man claims that he is 79 years old, then — that he is 89. Then he begins to add to his year-until then, until it comes to 98.

Having heard from the son that it and the truth his age, the elderly man begins to swear and laugh.

"Holy shit! I do not 98! Damn it, as I so quickly aged! My God, you're mine, " he says.

"So, I was born in 1919. What year is it?",- he specifies further. - That is next summer I will be a hundred! Damn it, I'll be a fucking old man!"

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