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What is making girl 👩 so special not girl body or money that attract me to a girl? I see people beauty to a smile sometimes the smile makes me feel happy. Smile is the power that can make people happy, a smile makes you pretty even people say you ugly just smile😀.


at them they do not know what is your beauty, the laugh is the second beauty that makes me not to stop to make a joke whenever the smile and laugh combine you make me want to repeat back the moment of a happy day


When someone is passing away and a water fountain around a face is coming.

Is a time to remember a time that you smile with him, "I do not remember you but I remember your smile". People who look healthy is the smile people the people who were not smiling is living bad life they hide all their felling in their heart just pull out all the feeling. die in a smiling face is better than dying in an angry😡 or a shocking face 😨that makes people who saw you know that you go in peace or not. Smile mean real smile not fake smile people can hide their feeling with smile that the thing that always happen real smile is not exist anymore we need real smile in this world.

That all for smile no fake smile,


Hi @akkun, I am reading with of course a big smile on my face. And of course a big genuine smile not fake definitely. Be original and not fake in whatever that you do, even when you are smiling, I agree with you @akkun, have a great day and take care! cheers, ainie

@ainie.kashif thank you smile is important

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