Can I Survive The Purge?

in #blog2 years ago (edited)

So can I survive the purge👿😈😈

"Well before the night of the purge I must have prepared something which can defend my house or I just destroy my house before to purge my house is useless if i stay at my house in 1 second someone already broke the front door and I die "wait ! how about I build a house at the night of purge and "maybe a bungalow which can replace my house. I have to buy a gun, where I can get that gun in Malaysia if the purge happens? I think maybe that time the Malaysia government already allowed to use the weapon in this country😉😉😉. Oh my god just a little more minute to start the purge😨😨😨 gun is ready(best gun must be scar, ak-47 and the best one is sniper)✅, armor readyhanded you also need thing like food and a taser.


while the villain is not here also my base "I can imagine how cool is my base..... if i make for purge but it will cost a lot money to build the base

3, 2, 1 started......

The purge has been started. I have 3 choices!!! number 1 I stay in my base and hide "what happens someone outside is a survivor of the purge he says "help me!!!

Should I save him or I just let him die outside the purge. What if I open and he wants to kill and kill me. What if he truly a survivor and I did not open the door.


should I join the purge and became the villain👿👿😈👿.


person- can you help me?
me - can!! stab!🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 hahaha!!!!.


I can be like Michael Myer no!!! better than Michael Myers "WHAT better than he"!!!-Michael Myers.


And the last option is to save people from the purge and became a hero who stops the purge that mean i have to save the people who is about to be sacrifice by the goverment just like in movie where the rich people pay to see people dying in the stage or they play hunting human...

the siren has be hear im save....

the purge is over everyone is living like normal the death people in purge has not been reveal i guess if the purge has in the world, that a bad news to the world crime for fun is not good it evil.
stay safe, cheers,


Hi @akkun, maybe I am too old to understand what you write hahahah, but I guess it must have to do something with the purge story. But I guess you have a point on your conclusion that if you are doing crime just for fun, this is not good and it is evil. Keep writing, good try! cheers, ainie

@ainie.kashif thank for comment im still learning how write

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