Child labour

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It is one of the most disturbing problems that the street children face if they get some way to earn a living. The life of a street child is very complicated and no one ever can understand that what problems do street children face owners of their workplace or their employees send these street children to the street to collect the recyclable materials and stuff to get them recycled. The recycling of material doesn’t mean that it is collected neatly with the machines. It means that the children collect the stuff from the garbage in the garbage centers. What the hell is if the life of a street child is all about to doing labour work from morning till evening in the streets as their age doesn’t allow them to do that work. They must have been sent to the schools to get the education to become a great person or the celebrity all over. In child labour, the child has to work to get some of the coins to eat food in the evening. It is advised that the children must not be forced to work as a labour.


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