Some Tips To Face Blank Pages For Artists

in #blog3 years ago

Painting from word prompts: Sometimes just a word is enough to either visualize an entire idea or parts of it. It happens with me many times that any word instills in me a feeling which gives a rough image in my mind which I then conceptualise further. I have used this technique many times in my product design processes too!


Select one and create a series (theme): Many artists who I follow online have shown a similarity in the way they produce their art. And I myself have tried it and let me tell you that this method is a keeper! Having to think on similar lines helps pull more threads from a single idea and helps you see from different angles.

Elements of Photographs: Of course using pictures aa references is one very effective way to get some juices flowing but have you tried mixing elements of different photographs? It is amazing how they come together sometimes and give a fresh perspective to you or might not make sense at all. (It helps me make some abstract concepts)


Challenges: Art challenges are a blessing bestowed on this world. Example: Inktober! A month of word prompts and people going crazy on the internet creative a wave of ideas is just magical to watch and be a part of! Yes, seeing opens your eyes to newer thoughts but when you take a step forward by participating and staying committed to them, it can serve you wonderfully!

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