My Venture Into ID Softwares ( 3Ds Max )

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Recently I was introduced to a software named 3ds Max in my college and each day as I learnt the possibilities it carried, it simply blew my mind. We, are learning this to use it in our first interior design project but what fascinated me the most was that almost anything can be created with this software, all you need to do is let your imagination flow!

The options and combinations that are available in the software is just insane for someone like me, who loves to experiment. You can create animations, interiors, exteriors, characters and what not. Right now I am just getting a hang of the commands and trying to use them to create a template design.

I used a transparent version of the design that I am in the process of making and I like it more than the yellow walls!


The following is the image of the actual design that I am supposed to achieve. I absolutely love how this software creates almost real-like renderings!

room to design 3d.jpg





This was a complete disaster when I tried making it! It seemed really easy while I was taught but when I actually tried making it, I failed terribly :D After some consultation and self embarrassment, I realised it was pretty easy to make this haha!




from window.png




I am really looking forward to see how these objects will look after the final composition. Not only this but I am also excited to create some characters of my own when I get better in this. Let me know if you have some beginner level tips for me or if you have ever tried 3ds Max! I would love to hear about it <3

Till then..

Keep Creating

Lots of Love <3

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This is amagin art design and photo.great post.

Thanks a lot!

I've shared your share on my profile follow and like please

thanks :)

Good design and neat, hopefully your success always @aishwarya, best regards from me @suhaimiaceh

It's not mine but I am trying to learn how to achieve it. Thanks!

Thanks @aishwarya, sory i can english a little.. Hehe

Which college are you studying

I study in Arch College Of Design..

Well posted maam.
Which state are you from maam?
Great to see an awesome steemian from India.
Jai hind.


Thats great.
Proud of you!

Telah kami follow.. 😃

First time, everything is difficult to make. But we should not give up.

Good learning is always profitable.


3dsmax is one of the best software for interior as well as for elevations , a bit hard

Yeah! :)

That's great, @aishwarya! ^.^
Oh, that brings wonderful memories, we had similar project back in university. ^^

Wow! That's great :)

Nice work ..


@aishwarya Very good 3D model using 3D Max. I have also learnt 3D Max when I did my multimedia Diploma at Mangalore almost 15 years back. I did TITANIC ship animation, but I doubt I can post it here. 3D Max is good for poly models and has great features. However, there is another software called "MAYA" which has amazing PaintBrush technology where you can create almost all the object with just a brush stroke including Trees, Flowers, Fur, Ocean etc. Have you tried it? Just explore...its fun

You could post the shots of Titanic! I would love to see them. I have heard about maya and is one amonf the list of softwares that I wanna learn. Thanks a lot!