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Answered Jul 1, 2017

I am an Indian Male and I was sexually harassed.

The girl forcibly remove my trousers and touch my private parts. But according to Indian law, by whatever I have read on Quora, I don't deserve justice. In fact, the police refused to even register a complain. They refused to accept that a girl can do this.

This is what he told me: “Meri bhi beti hai, ladkiyan aisa kaam nahi kar sakti.”

(Translation: I have a daughter, girls cannot do such a thing.)

Let me clearly explain what had happened. We are both minors. I was around 12 years old. She must have been 17. There was an annual function in my building in Hiranandani (I live here in Mumbai).

I went to see if the workers had done making the stage or not. I was performing that day. I went to get them some water.

They told me that they have kept their water bottle in the room where the watchmen change their clothes. (That room has many wires.)

I went in there and all of a sudden a random girl came in the room. I ignored her and I picked up the bottle. Suddenly she grabbed my ass and touched my penis, pulled my pyjamas down and again grabbed my private parts. It really started hurting. I did not scream as I feared someone will see me going through this. She started pulling my foreskin back and I failed to understand why is she doing this. My penis started bleeding. It took me some time to overpower her and I ran out of that room trying to pull back my pyjamas and save my dignity.

Later, I came to know that she is the sister of one of the workers.

From there, I went to a nearby police station. I told my parents that I am visiting my friend’s house.

The policeman refused to believe in my story. He refused to believe that a girl can do this.

Those were the days when I had faith in the Indian legal system.

Those were the days when I believed my country aimed for gender equality.

Those were the days when I thought that the feminists in my country had some sympathy for Indian men too.

But coming to Quora, my views have greatly changed about my country, and its feminists.

Let me tell you how I dealt with this.

I was a child then, and I believed that rape is touching someone inappropriately as shown in Indian movies.

So I googled : “Can males be raped?”

I saw a few groups on Facebook. Where men shared their grievances and how they were denied justice.

I read about fake cases, I read about many things which men go through.

I contacted a few of them through Facebook. They were kind enough to not dismiss my story as false as done by the Indian police.

I begged for help.

One of them, also stays in Hiranandani. His wife had cheated on him. He caught her and she decided to give him a divorce. She was very well educated but she did not want to do a job as that would give her alimony.

Her father, a lawyer, fought her case. Fake molestation cases, etc follows. ( There are many Indian men who while going through a divorce battle go through these false cases. In fact, if you go to a Mahila Sanghatan for help, some of them in Mumbai also suggest filing false torture cases. Try it if you don't believe me.)

His father had given him an apartment. She took that as a one time settlement and married a guy in the USA. That flat is worth 3.5 crores. (A little more than half a million dollars.)

After divorce the girl publicly shamed him on FB and wrote that he has a low sex drive and thus she left him.

He has studied from IIT Bombay and was working for the BCCI.

He decided to help me. He told me that he doesn't have much money and it is impossible to get justice here as this case involves a female as a criminal and male as a victim. But he helped me come out of this. I used to play with him (play station and other video games.)

He really helped me then. He isn't on any social media platform now as his ex-wife has already insulted him everywhere.

Within a month, I completely forgot these things and was again normal.

I am grateful to him.

Then I joined Quora. I thought this place is for good people, people who believe in actual feminism.

I realised that the male bashers get a lot of up votes.

Some of them have even become Top Writers.

I really don't want to name these people, but one of them has recently left Quora. I shared what happened with me as an anonymous comment, she replied something like:

“This happens with many Indian women. Nobody can help you, deal with it. You must have done something. Else I don't see any reason why a stranger will do it to you.”

My question to her: “Did Nirbhaya do something to those rapists that they raped her so brutally? Do you have the courage to say the same things to her? Then why me Ma'am? Because I am a male?”

I then wrote the same comment under the answer written by a lawyer on female rights on Quora.

Her response was something like, “So what, should I give you a candy?”

I myself deleted my comment.

I was shocked at this and I read her answers to realise that she is not a major believer of giving justice to male victims. She had written this in one of her popular answers which she edited out, “For me, breast cancer >>> prostate cancer.”

When I see Indian women blindly upvoting even her anti-male answers, I realise that these biased laws will continue and many males like me will never get justice.


I never had the courage to tell this to my parents.

Lastly, It is my humble request to several Indian feminists (or pseudo-feminists, both are the same in my country) to not show fake sympathy in the comments section and act as if you really care. All these years, none of your kind even accepted my case to be genuine, forget thinking about giving me justice. Keep on upvoting anti-Indian men answers.

The truth is that you people are so fake that a message from a dark Indian man=creepy and the same message from a white, handsome American is romantic or flirty.

This is not subjected to all of you, but on this platform, a lot of you are fake feminists.


A special thanks to Varun bhaiyya.

He has been banned from Quora for pointing out the hypocrisy of Indian Feminists. The same feminists who protest when a female is wronged but who simply ignored my pain and desire for justice. The same feminists who speak of equality and never want that in real. The same feminists who look at the gender of a victim before sympathising with him/her. The same feminists who will write at length on Quora, share innumerable posts on Facebook about equality, but who never work at the ground level. The same male bashing feminists were triggered because of Varun. They got him banned, because they couldn't face him.

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