Nobody Knows Anything

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It was supposed to rain in London today. I guess it still could rain, but it should have started by now. At least that's what the weather forecast said yesterday.

I made some plans for today which I had to adjust based on the expectation of rain. I'm now, understandably, a little miffed that not only is it not raining, it's also quite nice outside. In fact, today would have been just perfect for those plans.


Rain clouds gather over Kensington, London

Can I blame the weather forecasters though? All they can do is make a prediction based on weather patterns, algorithms and existing data. They have become slightly more accurate in modern times due to the incorporation of live satellite images, but they still often get it so wrong.

It's kind of similar to predictions in the financial markets isn't it? I've seen all these charts and graphs lately analysed by so-called experts. This is what is going to happen, to this stock, that is what is going to happen to that currency.

The truth is nobody really knows anything. There is some value in an educated guess, or data analysis. That's much better than being completely blind, but really, unless you're engaged in manipulation, then everything really is a projection.

The funny thing is, as I'm about to push publish on this, it's starting to drizzle. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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I totally agree with you on this, no one really knows it accurately, that is why I have my reservations about climate change promoters.

All I know is I know of my favorite quotes 😜

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hahah, yes indeed.

Let the things to flow.....what to get on expectation. "Expectation reduces Joy"

Anyway today we had rain...seriously from nowhere.😉 It was bright sunny yesterday and suddenly the winter is backk

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Hahaha... well said!
The weather forecast is all based on educated guess. No one can really say accurately, what will happen in the future.

The truth is that if those finance pros were really experts, they'd be retired on an island right now and not making posts or videos.

You are right on financial analysis as it only provides perspectives and trends but nobody truly knows the future. When it comes to finances, the foundation is that decision should be made based on what makes sense to you and not the market. Sometimes it is even logic and experience that matters most, not the opinions of others!

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I experienced 3 min of rain when I was out of the venue until I went inside the tube. When I was out was completely dry and I always believe that I can manipulate the weather according to my wishes :))

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I agree , nobody knows shvt lol

Ps: is it me or back in the days the weather forecast was more reliable?

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Did I read that right?
A Londoner, complaining, that it's NOT raining?

The Rain God heard your compliant and granted your wish!!

Things are so dynamic, too many players and the butterfly effect too! Lots of covert actions we could not see!
Got to have remote viewing capability or very psychic to zoom into the future!!


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