Why Net Neutrality is important

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If Net neutrality is revoked, you can surely bet that the chaos we see in the world will soon fade. Sure, that sounds like a good thing until you realize the reasons why.

Censorship is a rich man's game:

To start creating worlds where we all dont have the same access to the internet would be akin to a tale of two cities. If speed is key in a digital age, to only make speed accessible by price point permanently disables others from competing against better financed counterparts. Net neutrality is the antithesis of a free market.

To allow ISPs to start serving you information a la carte will restrict peoples ability to discover new things. It will start to shape your thinking despite you supposedly having access to the same information. Many of us already suspect that our Siri, Google, Alexa & Cortana are listening to us anyways, to totally allow the private sector Regulatory control of your speed and data, to me, is the beginning of the Minority Report.

RICH people will control ones countries Political Narrative. If other countries start allowing Big Business to regulate things, you can rest assured that they will not look after your best interest.


I thought long and hard about Burger Kings position in this and realized that this company has been struggling for awhile. Its passed hands a few times, but have noticed that they have a pretty big digital foot print (digital ads, marketing, active facebook...etc.) Im sure there 10 nuggets for a dollar caught on like gangbusters. I also notice that Burger Kings clientele almost seem to be strictly of a straight middle.....lower middle or low demographic. You know..people like us...average folk.
If the repeal of net neutrality kicks in....our access to digitalcoupons and advertisement will decrease. Im sure it will start to cost a lot to play and advertise on these different channels. So i think BK knows its future is tied to a FREE & OPEN internet.


Fiat for the rest of us. Ive yet to expound on my beliefs of crypto, but one thing is sure.....expect hyperinflation on some Zimbabwe -ish. Sooner or later....that coveted Whopper will cost you about $600. Can you imagine?
So with people being able to buy high speeds that arent common will kill average folk from competing on the market.

If you believe all the conspiracy about Ripple (XRP) & how its big banks way of taking over Bitcoin, just know....your only way to break those shackles will be to already be rich before they fleece everyone.

Net Neutrality allows us to be able to communicate and share ideas without a middle man. If we allow this to take place, we are all going to lose out bad.


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Yea dude most don't know!!

Most don't give a pineapple @alao... soon everyone will understand... pay or dial up.

Yes you are right

I will deliver any message you have in person. Mtg them in 2 weeks.

Me too. I will be at the same meeting with Chair Pai.


This is one way to get the masses to pay attention. Not a Burger King consumer, but I appreciate the message.

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