What a fun turn of events

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Hey everyone!

Today I was hanging out on Reddit, mainly sharing the account creation post around to see if there were any users interested in creating an account without needing to go through the current signup process. What a blessing it will be once it is updated and people can get their account created instantly, heh? Had a few users join although the posts didn't get much attention, would've been nice if my accumulated reddit karma would make a different in the way my posts there were perceived instead of just hoping someone would just randomly stumbled upon them and vote them up, but what can you do. :)

Since we have been feeling a bit handicapped lately with the r/steemit subreddit, me and @ausbitbank have been invited over a year ago to moderate it but didn't have full permissions to do stuff like sticky posts and some other various things. We were discussing what else we could do about it to have users be a bit more active there so it could become a nice gateway for newcomers who stumbled upon the Steem name through Reddit or other places and look for it there (everything has a subreddit nowadays - can't wait for communities here on Steem). There have also been some other Steemians becoming more active on there lately and I wanted to thank them! It's been a really hectic time lately with so much going on and crypto booming in general that I've barely been able to spend a few minutes glancing over the subreddit myself.

We discussed with another Steemian if we should just create a new subreddit as I believe the account that created them in the first place may have lost the login information, but we decided it might be a bit too late since we'd have to build everything up again and at the same time lose all the subscribers we have managed to gather so far. We looked at another subreddit called r/steem which in turn would have been amazing to use since it would stand more for the currency than the Steemit company. There also that same user was a moderator and another unknown one so we figured there is no chance for us to get invited there to tidy things up and become active there instead as it already had 1600 subscribers compared to r/steemit's 3600.

So while I was browsing Reddit I noticed a new mod mail and who could it be other than the creator of r/steem. He told me he had created the account ages ago and invited Ned onto it but hadn't done much since then, it had just naturally gathered subscribers. At first I thought he was interested in selling it but to my surprise he had a Steem account and wanted to help out moderating and activating it! How awesome is that! I told him to sign up to steemit.chat so we can discuss things more in detail, etc, but this is really great news for us as a community! Now we will be able to tidy that subreddit up and make it more welcoming for new users who stumbled upon Steem!

To start things off and since @ausbitbank is a pretty busy witness and I completely lack and coding or css skills, I wanted to look for someone who can join as a moderator to take care of the layout and also edit the css of flairs. So this post will mainly be about that, if someone has experience in having done that before or thinks he can quickly learn how it works with flairs on the subreddit (shouldn't be too difficult), then please leave me a comment in this post and I will get in touch with you either on steemit.chat or on discord!

And again for anyone who has been interested in the past to help out as moderators on the subreddit, I will be looking through the old posts and get in touch with you again or any new ones can leave a message here or just re-apply. Thanks!

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I am practicing learning coding maybe I’ll help with future projects

wow are you a programmer @journeyoflife ?

I also would like to start which sites or material do you recommend? :)

yeah same for me, I just got my butt into coding last week, I made a post about it, I'm starting with Python btw

Ah, sure: I'm a full stack dev with design experience and I love styling. I'd be happy to take a jab at it.

The account creation hurdle is something that we've been working on addressing and gamifying a bit. Have you checked out the "Agoric Challenge," thing we're working on? It's pretty dope! Works good, too! INSTANT!

No! :o I need to check it out!

Check it out! https://steemit.com/agoric-challenge/@agoric.systems/what-is-the-agoric-challenge

I think you'd like it. I personally have my hands on several hundreds "Scrip," vouchers. We haven't unleashed them to the masses just yet, but we're trickling some out here and there. They work like a charm!

Great share, I wouldn't have known to check it out without your reply!

I've seen it very interesting and I really like it

You are really right matt-a

I'm moderator of a fairly large subreddit (800K subs) and I recommend to PM a Reddit admin. I can't guarantee they will help getting the account back nor increase your permissions but it is better than not trying, if you need a few names just ask.

The subreddit is also in need of fresh and clean CSS. Clear rules should be in the sidebar (If the sub has rules). To increase the subreddit quality steemit posts should go on /r/steemitposts and only steem related information should be on /r/steem. Also a "call to action" to sign up on steemit should be either pinned or in the sidebar.

"Good news everyone!" and this time for real :)

Hoping to see its effect when it succeeded. This is going to be crazy. I want to help can't that because am also lacking knowledge on coding haha.. But this project is really good. Good luck on it.

I was an Active reddit user b4 Steemit; then I met steemit and never looked back! I'm promoting steemit using the old "door to door" strategy, just like an Amway or Herbalife seller. Cheers mate!

Dude, that's awesome! I'm glad you found a workaround that will allow you to actually spiff up the subreddit and make it look more official :) I've already mentioned before I could help with some CSS stuff if you needed it, just let me know, bro. You can check out what I've done with CSS in the past if you visit /r/TheMHI, I'm not the greatest at it but I've done a decent amount of work with it via subreddits for people. Either way, that's fucking rad that the guy on /r/steem is a user on here and making things super easy for you guys to get some momentum built up again with the subreddit!

Great! I need to start digging through my steemit.chat messages. :D

Good luck to you on that, bro, lol. What are you up to now, like 300 unread spam messages probably? You should post on your second account about that more often. Keep us up to date on what the record is :P

Did you end up finding someone to help you out with the CSS, @acidyo?

Wow!!... Good job @acidyo. Steemit is virtually everywhere and people are always glad to join the platform. I have invited few friends and they really love it here, because everyone here is looking out for each other.

About the reddit thing, I haven't been too active on reddit but with this I would have to dust my account and get to work.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Great work. I am learning coading. I want to stay touch to this project.I hope in future I will be a part in this project.

Cool! I would like to be a part of this. I have a little experience in Coding and CSS. Would love to help and contribute. Hit me up if you need me.

I am not a frequent redditer, haven't used it much either. If I could be of any help. I will definitely consider it.

nice piece please kindly follow and upvote

So are you going to maintain both r/steemit and r/steem and use them for different topics, or are you going all in with r/steem?

Now as the account creation process has been made much faster, people will love it and try it atleast. We will be having a great time ahead due to these advancements here.

Acidyo, you are doing right things. Please don't stop.

Nice post dear friend,,, It's really great news for them who would like to join with steemit family...Because when i tried to open my steemit account that time i also faced too much problem... Thanks for your great post....

This is great. I rarely browse the r/steeemit page, I guess it is something I have just always overlooked. Will try and have more of a presence over there in the future to help out

I'm very curious how communities will look and work in the steem ecosystem. I hope they will be an instant hit

I hope so too. They certainly have the potential.

That's great work you done @acidiyo. Steemit platform most popular everywhere currently added more peoples. I'm glad to hear steemit came an bring forward biggest media platform more than other social medias. For that you have more development work doing here. @ocd doing awesome task force for curation rewards. You give nice opinions for newbies. Appreciated.
I haven't no more longer experience about reddit. I have learn more about reddit and know this projects very better.
Thank you for sharing.

We need to get Reddit on the Steem train! Imagine if Steem had the same volume of traffic as Reddit! It'd be outrageous.

@acidyo we need a little help with the indian community. India has the largest Internet users. We need to spread the word. There are 25 indians working on it. But would need some help. Would be great if you could help them.

I did not have much information on coding. Your business is very valuable

I follow u . Follow me

Nicely Blog..

It was quite difficult to create an account in Steemit, the text message did not arrive to the mobile phone and I had to do many laps to achieve it, it took several days but I am very happy to belong to this Community.


Nice article

Thanks for sorting out my sister with this yesterday! Are there any invite slots left by the way? I managed to get my nieces addresses in the end and can set them up too.

Wow Great Job @acidyo!!... I am glad that i follow you...
Thanks for this oppurtunity

So if I don't have Reddit, I don't need to worry about this? I got a little confused.

I would love to help but I don't understand this much yet is there any way I can contribute. I am a .Net developer btw. I made a call for mention notification on steemit check it out here I think it's important at the moment because I tinkering I mentioned you but you might never findout, we need to improve interaction on steemit with this.


i am new here bro.... Ans i need your help.... bundle of thanks

I really need to speed up my learning to code. There are many things that sound like fun to be doing in and around the steemit platform. I am learning the hard way to write code by finding websites on the web to learn, but do not have the cash or resources to learn at a school or college, so I just figure out a piece at a time. Good luck and hope this goes well.

This is great news, @acidyo! Have you tried to claim the steemit-subreddit due to inactive topmod by the way? You can request to claim it here. It needs to fit certain criteria, so it might not be possible, but it should be worth an attempt.

I'm not much of a promoter, but if you need any marketing help let me know. I'd love to help out.

Good work man keep it up. Wish I could somehow help, but unfortunately I do not possess any of the skills that you are looking for.

Hey, good news getting the subreddit. I'd be happy to make some steem/reddit promotion gifs for it if you like.

I liked you Christmas Steemit sign up initiative and promoted it in my Steemit Health Report.

Thanks for your work.

I do hope pewdiepie gets a hold of steemit and makes a


Very interesting post you have my vote and resteem & my continuing support keep it up my friend

Good news everyone!" and this time for real :)

good suggestion @acidyo.

I can help. 10+ years of web development experience.

very interesting and very good post

This is now the third time in four years that I've had to turn this shit off.

lol random, last time you commented this it was about the reddit ads so I thought your comment made sense... Not sure if you just post this onto everything.

I mean, it's at least funnier than 98 percent of the spam on the site. He's got that going for him, I guess?

Some jokes cannot be told enough times. I'm not sure if it's a joke though, and I'm not sure if I get it :p

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